Thursday, November 13, 2008

Suspension of Disbelief

My shows tonight are populated with ghosts. Denny Duquette is back on Grey's, and Dr. Mark Green shows up tonight on E.R.—six years after he died of a brain tumor. Yeah, it's a flashback, but still. . . I'm having trouble suspending the disbelief. I prefer stories, in my books and on T.V., that don't require a huge suspension of disbelief. A guy compacted in a garbage truck coding on the table? That I believe. The ghost of her dead fiance following a doctor around the hospital? Not so much.

Other random thoughts:

--Who else is ready to see Sarah Palin's 15 minutes come to an end?

--Here are 50 things you probably didn't know about our next president. Entertaining reading!

--Does the month of November suck the life out of everyone or is it just me? The short days, the long nights, the gloomy sky, the stench of decaying leaves (actually, I don't mind that one so much). It's hard to be awake, let alone productive. Yet, we slog on knowing that we have to pay our dues in November to get to July. At least the writing is going well!

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