Monday, November 10, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite T.V. Comedy
Two and a Half Men

Favorite T.V. Drama(s)
Brothers and Sisters
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Lipstick Jungle

Favorite Movies
Pretty Woman
Sex and the City (now firmly in 2nd place after a 2nd viewing)
Sound of Music

Common theme? Romance! (Well, except for Two and a Half Men, which is just flat out hilarious, and E.R., which sprinkles plenty of romance in with the blood and guts.) I admit it, I'm a romance junky. I love it on T.V., in the movies, and of course, in books. Is there anything better than a gripping romance that grabs you by the throat and takes you along for the ride? Is there anything more satisfying than the guarantee of a happily ever after?

I watched the Sex and the City movie for the second time this weekend. I loved it even more this time. The relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big is one of the great cinematic love affairs of our generation. Yes, I really can say that. This is my blog! :-) When he proposes to her in the amazing closet he built for her, I swooned—both times. In the second to last episode of the T.V. show, Big tells Carrie's friends that he loves her and begs them to help him. Miranda's line, "Go get our girl," is one of those lines I wish I'd written. Sigh... There's nothing quite like a good romance.

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