Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only in Rhode Island...

Big news tonight that the body of Joseph "Joe Onions" Scanlon may have been found 30 years after a mob hit. I want to know how you get the nickname "Joe Onions," or maybe I don't. Also an interesting article in the paper today about 300 murder convictions achieved without a body. I love this true crime stuff. I gravitate toward the crime news in about six daily papers, and some of it finds its way into my romantic suspense novels. I've decided a slightly twisted imagination is critical to writing romantic suspense. What does it say about me that I love to write a nice, juicy murder?

Another Rhode Island story caught my eye tonight. Our governor had to pay a fourth ethics fine, this time $2,500 for hiring his niece. Actually, she's the niece of his wife, and he tried to call her his niece-in-law. Guess what? That didn't fly. Duh! The biggest little state in the union is known for some out there corruption, and these stories are often met with a collective yawn. Personally, I find it amusing that a governor in office nearly eight years thought he'd get away with something so obviously wrong. Again I say DUH!

Watching the depressing news about the auto industry tonight has gotten me thinking that this might be a good time to replace my nine-year-old Honda. Hmmm, do you suppose they'd be willing to cut me a deal? Off to go do some online car shopping!

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