Friday, November 7, 2008

News from the Blogosphere

The Bachelorette has broken off her engagement. My faith in reality TV dating is once again shaken. Here's a link to my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette update site, I Hate Green Beans. Lincee is hilarious! Deanna and Jesse are history. Now a two-time loser in reality love, let's hope Deanna has learned her lesson: maybe you really CAN'T find love by dating 25 people at the same time. However, those of us with nothing to lose will continue to tune in. Hope springs eternal. And there's always Ryan and Trista who have proven that it really CAN happen. For one couple. Out of like 30.

Interesting news from the publishing world thanks to Moonrat today, who ably explained the October meltdown that occurred when book sellers returned massive quantities of stock to raise capital to supply the shelves for the Christmas season. Moonie asks us all to go out and buy a book or ten this weekend. I'll be happy to do my part for the cause. Get out there and help us out! Buy books! Books for everyone! Books for Christmas!

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