Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Little Thing Called Deadline

Wow, I have been woefully out of touch on the blog lately! I've been knee deep in the writing of Fatal Consequences, which is due November 30. I'm doing pretty well so I'm not too worried about making the deadline, but I do feel compelled to spend most of my free time chipping away at it. The good news the third time around with these characters is that I know them and their world so well now that it is flowing easier than the second book did. That's a relief! Speaking of the second book, Fatal Justice, it's gone to copy editing, which takes it that much closer to its January publication date.

A few other updates since we last chatted:
1. My kids have officially started 10th and 6th grades, and so far so good!

2. Brandy the puppy continues her naughty ways, providing daily comedy around the house.

3. Work has been busier and crazier than ever!

4. The Red Sox have tanked, thanks to injuries that plagued them all season.

5. I've been reading a lot. I go from an appetite for historicals to an appetite for contemporaries and then back again. You can see what I've been reading on the sidebar.

My favorite recent book is a Blaze called Hot Island Nights, by Sarah Mayberry, which was just fantastic. I highly recommend it. What're you reading lately?