Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fatal Wedding Big Reveal Day 11: Groom's Cake

In Fatal Consequences, you learned that Nick is a rabid fan of the Boston Red Sox. He grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, which is just north of fabled Fenway Park. Also in FC, you met Nick's new friend Scotty, who asks Sam about doing something special for Nick at the wedding. This is what they came up with:

Groom's Cake 1:

Groom's Cake 2:

Groom's Cake 3:

And you chose....


I love the scene where Scotty presents Nick with the cake and their reaction when Shelby hands them a knife to cut it. I'll let you read all about it in Fatal Destiny! Four more days... It's now available for pre-order (even though it says $1, it will be free) on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I'd love to give away a Red Sox ball cap today, but that would be promoting my own agenda, so we'll go with another $25 gift card to Godiva in celebration of all things chocolate! Remember, you have to comment ON THE BLOG to be entered into the drawing.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to play during the Big Reveal. It's been so much fun reading all your comments!