Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Book and a Giveaway: GEORGIA ON MY MIND

Since Georgie Quinn’s mother died after a brief illness, the highlight of Georgie's life has become “jogger stalking” every morning with her roommates Tess and Cat. Stuck running the senior center her mother founded in Newport, RI, until a replacement director is found, Georgie dreams of returning to her glamorous life in Atlanta. As that life begins to unravel, she discovers a whole new one in Newport where the jogger turns out to be sexy detective and tree hugger Nathan Caldwell. Determined to get her mind off her many problems—including a possible threat to her own health—Georgie indulges in what she intends to be a no-holds-barred one-night stand with Nathan. Unfortunately, Nathan has other ideas and sets out to have a relationship with her. Tess, on the run from an abusive husband, and Cat, who raised her younger brother and sister, hook up with Nathan’s brothers, Ben, an injured Iraqi war veteran, and Ian, a single-father and talented musician. Add a zany cast of seniors who seem determined to drive Georgie slowly mad with their never-ending needs and comparisons to her sainted mother, and you’ve got the ingredients for a fast-paced, often comical, emotional journey that leads Georgie straight to the home of her heart.

Read an excerpt from GEORGIA ON MY MIND.

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I've got two copies to give away for the best story of how your life went in a direction you didn't plan, but it turned out to be the exact right thing for you! Bring it on!


JenM said...

I've got one of those types of stories. Years ago, I had graduated with an accounting degree, become a CPA and was working for a large corporation. However, I didn't like accounting and wanted to change careers, I just didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. In the midst of all this, my roommate's pregnant sister moved in with us, and for various reasons, I ended up becoming her labor coach.

To make a long story short, after coaching her, I came to realize that I wanted to be around birth all the time, went back to school, got a nursing degree and became a Labor & Delivery nurse. I never in a million years would have thought that my life would take that turn. I no longer work in nursing, but it was one of the most enriching experiences imaginable and I learned so much about how the body works, medicine, and illness that helps me out every day, even though I'm no longer in that profession.

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

Congrats! This is the first I've heard of this book. I don't have a story, since I'm still trying to find a direction :-)

Good luck to everyone else!

Marie Force said...

Great story Jen! I love that.

Petra, LOL, I think that's true of a lot of people!

Tammy said...

Marie, I had a life changing experience. I had breast cancer. I was diagnosed with it over 3 years ago. It was ine of the least invasive types of breast cancer, but still it changes who you are and one of the BEST WAYS i recovered was reading erotic romance stories! It was an escape for me, it took me away tO a fun place! God bless you :)

Beth-Ann Mason said...

There's no more life changing moment for me than the day my mom told me my dad had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.

I was going through the divorce from hell from a marriage I'd hidden for almost 4 years from everyone (including my family) but my closest friends.

Mom's revelation was only a few months after I had just had to tell everyone (my family, his family, our friends who didnt know, etc) that not only had I hidden the marriage, but that he'd been cheating on me since day one, left me drowning in debt (all in my name) and was divorcing me. My parents were hurt the most and while my dad still talked to me and tried to find a way to mend things, my mom had been so hurt that she and I couldn't even speak to each other. So her phone call to me to ask to meet her for coffee was met with a chilly 'if this is about the divorce, I'm not re-hashing it again.' If only it could've been just another round of re-hashing. I'd give anything to have had it be just that.

I moved back home and our worlds all seemed to just move in the same orbit - fighting for every day we could get. I'd always been a daddy's girl, and now I was going to lose him - we just didnt know when.

I'd like to say there's a happy ending to this. Well, in a way maybe there is. Because I moved back home I got countless days filled with 'quick trips to the store' or 'morning coffee' or just time on the couch with him that I'd never have had if I'd still been married to my ex.

Since my dad died I started writing and will publish my first novel in December. Truth be told, his 'never quit' attitude, even to his last breath, is what's given me the determination to finish my book and publish it.

The only thing I know for sure is that my life was *absolutely* changed in a million different ways the day my mom told me about the diagnosis.

Vonna Harper said...

I've been a working writer for over 30 years but put my passion on the back burner and joined an online how to write school when the genre I'd been published in for nine books dried up. I was making steady money finding polite ways to avoid telling students not to quit their day jobs and quietly losing my mind.

Then my mother broke her pelvis and it became clear that her years of independent living were behind her. My priorities became crystal clear. Family first, the writing of my heart second. Even as I was taking off my teacher hat and preparing Mother's house to sell, a friend clued me into what was hot and new in fiction. I happily jumped onboard.

mertime said...

Quite the life changing event is to lose 5 babies in the course of 5 years. I have wanted children my entire life and was so excited to have m daughter, she is the love of my life and I am so blessed to have her. However, I lost a baby at 8 weeks gestation 9 months later, then had my son! I was scared to death the first 12 weeks knowing that is the "scary period" and finally relaxed knowing I was going to have another gift from God. a year after I had him I lost another baby at 10 week gestation on the same day my father in law died. It was such an emotional day for the entire family. We decided to try one more time and I ended up pregnant with triplets. Again getting through those first 12 weeks was the hardest time. I went in at 17 weeks for an ultrasound to find I had lost all of them. I had been feeling them move and was so excited to be having them. I had to go through labor and then ended up with a DNC. While it was he hardest thing of my life, it has made me appreciate the 2 kids that I have even more. I am now available to talk to other women that have gone through similar situations and am involved with my 2 gifts more than ever. I have been told after so many loses that there is to much scar tissue to be pregnant again so I go on loving the ones I have and helping with kids that need extra love :)

Marie Force said...

So sorry to hear you had breast cancer, but I hope you are doing well now. As a romance author, I often hear from people who tell me my books got them through a rough time. I'm always happy to hear that.

Wow, that is quite a story. I vividly remember the day my mother was diagnosed too. You never forget that stuff. I'm glad you had that time with your dad. It's priceless.

I know what you mean as my writing comes after the needs of my family and kids. It's always there waiting for me when I have the time to give it--thank goodness! I'm sure your mom appreciates the care you have given her.

My condolences on your heartbreaking losses. Sometimes I wonder how people ever bounce back from such things, but it sounds like you are wisely focused on the two blessings you were given and as much on what you have lost. Big hugs to you for sharing your pain in an effort to help others.

Thanks to all of you for sharing such touching stories!

Anonymous said...

Loved this book but I'm not at all surprised I love everyone of your books and am looking foward to what comes next!

Dawn said...

My life altering, earth moving moment in time is the day of my first ultra sound confirming my pregnancy. It was on September 11, 2001. I remembering laying on the table with tears running down my face realizing I was meeting my child for the first time when our country was in chaos. I said to my husband "what are we doing bringing an innocent life into this world". We are from NY and it was such an emotional time for us. I am so luck to have had a healthy son....but in so many ways will never forget that day.

Lolarific said...

Growing up I always knew one thing, I didn't want to get pregnant before I graduated. So I went through High School being the good girl and keeping my virginity intact. At 19 I finally lost my virginity and 6 months later I was pregnant. My boyfriend at the time had been wanting a baby but as soon as I had a doctor confirmed "you're pregnant" he changed. It didn't happen overnight. In fact he said lets move a few states away to where I'm from and everything will be alright. Two weeks later he'd grown totally isolated from me. We got into a huge argument and he looked me straight in the eyes and said "I don't love you, I never have loved you, and I don't think that baby is mine." Completely heartbroken I called my dad and the next day I was back home. For the next few months he had me on an emotional roller coaster until finally he just stopped coming around. I had my son and when he was 6 months old we met the man who would be his daddy from that day on. My now husband will tell you he fell in love with my son first. He's the best thing that ever happened to us and I'm forever thankful that he found us. We've been together for 8 years now and are still going strong. We have a happy little family with our boys and life couldn't be better, well possibly if we won the lottery but who wouldn't love more money? lol.

Marie Force said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed GEORGIA. Thanks so much for reading!

What an amazing juxtaposition of euphoria and sadness that must've been for you. Thank you so much for sharing that story.

I'm so happy to hear of your happy ending. I think one of the most admirable qualities a man can have is loving another man's child as if it were his own. I've brought that theme into a few of my books and it's something I find to be heroic and sexy and so many other things that I can't even name them all here--but you know what I mean. I'm so happy for you that you found the right guy for you and your son. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Going to college was never an option for me because of a difficult family situation. I was forced to move out on my own at age 17 beginning of my sr.year of high school. I wanted to be a secretary, took advanced typing and shorthand (yeah that tells my age) classes in high school. Then final year of high school I decided I did not want to do secretarial work under a boss, so I dropped the advanced office procedures and transcription class and my teacher was so disappointed in me but I still managed to graduate despite having to take city buses to get back to my parents home area so I could get the school bus and havign to work full time to afford my own place. I wanted to meet a guy but he could not have any kids or be a "very experienced dater" since I wasnt. Well while working at a restaurant job I ended up meeting a guy who had the same family situation and moved out as well when he was 17 and had twin boys. After a year of that dead end job we picked up and moved to another state. I worked another minimum wage job a while and then decided I had to do something to have a career and get some benefits. I applied at the hospital to be a switchboard operator. They called me in for a typing test, except when I got there I had to wear a headset and there was this pedal and a computer screen and I typed what I heard. They explained it to me and I did it but I did terribly and went home crying, trying to figure out what kind of typing test that was. Well they called me back and said even though I did not get much done what I did was done very well and I showed much potential to train me and I got the job. Except the job was not for switchboard, I was the new medical transcriptionst. I cried for 3 months as I felt I should not have got the job because it was so hard. So here I am now after not wanting to be a secretary, dropping my transcription course in high school, doing transcription for a living, having even opened my own business doing it, never stepping a day in college for which this career requires usually and with the guy who definitely was more experienced than me and had twin boys. Sometimes life chooses your direction for you for a reason and after a great career, 2 children, and a great guy I am happy where my life path took me.

marybelle said...

When I was in High School I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. An Army recruiter came to talk to us in our senior year. I liked this idea of serving, so I applied. I went through a great deal of testing over three days, but passed with flying colors. I received a letter saying I would be called up in six months. Six months passed and nothing, so I contacted them. It seems I has fallen through the cracks because they has filled all available places.
For a while I drifted and then went to work in the Convent as a domestic. After a few months I discovered that the Sisters had been deciding upon my future. They wanted more for me and so had enrolled me to train as a Mothercraft Nurse, working with babies and children.
I found my place in life. I still work with young children all these decades later. Throughout the years I worked in different areas of childhood care. It has been most rewarding and certainly interesting. I have been a part of great joy & untold sorrow. With no false modesty, I am actually very good at my job. Who would have thought?


Chrisbails said...

I would have to say that it was when I met my husband. When we first met I was 22 years old. I had never wanted kids at all. We met and dated and he decided that he was going to bring up the subject. I was totally against it, but then started feeling being around his nieces and nephews, and other little cousins that maybe I did want kids. I made the right decision. We tried and had a miscarriage, then had a daughter in 2002, then had another miscarriage at 6 months pregant, and then decided to try one last time and had a boy in 2005. I know now that I was destined to be a mom. My kids are my world and I could not imagine my life without them. They complete my life and am so proud of them. My little boy is austic and he is great. He is slowly going out of his autism, he still has some issues like still hates loud noises. As I have found out, there are many different forms of autism and he does have a very mild case of it.
This is a new author for me and would love to win and read this book. I love to read and am always looking for new authors and books to read. My daughter is also a big fan of reading. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

Jolene and Family said...

My life changing experience would be when I found out I was expecting 3 months after graduating highschool. I had just moved out and was engaged, but I was young and scared. I was ready to let loose and have fun, go to college and do reckless things :) What I wasn't prepared for was responsibility. I struggled with what to do and I was thinking selfishly. My now husband sat me down and where I was a mess of nerves and unsure, he was calm and centered and told me this was the path we were meant to follow. I cancled the appt. I had made and my husband and I started our lives together. It wasn't the path I had at first thought I would go down at such a young age, but I would never take it back for anything. My now 10 year old is amazing and I love him to pieces and we had two more little ones that followed :)

Natalija said...

Congrats on your new release, Marie!

I don't know if this is opened internationally, but hey, why not just share my story?! :) I was born and raised in Latvia, and I was happy with my life. I had my own apartment, a job & I was single. And I was perfectly ok with that. And then I met him ... Of course I dreamed of my own alpha male, who wouldn't?! Tall, muscular, dark-haired ... This isn't my story :) I met a total opposite of my alpha dream male, except the fact that he is tall and dark-haired. I met my computer geek & fell in love ... So, ladies, sometimes We can't get what we want, but we get what we need. By the way, he is italian & now we live in Italy ;)

Marie Force said...


Beth-Ann Mason and Lolarific!

Contact me at to claim your copies of Georgia on My Mind.

Thank you to everyone who shared such amazing, moving stories. I enjoyed every one of them!

Jackie 0668 said...

Another great story Marie! You will need a kleenex when Georgie reads the note from her mother...just a warning. I started this book right after it came out but the next day had a doctor's appt. where the doc felt I needed to have an ultrasound on my breast because he felt changes. I had to stop reading it because I was so pre-occupied with getting the test done, that everytime I picked up the book it just reminded me even more. Luckily, for me, everything was fine after I had the test done and I was able to finish the book. I love your books! I always thought it was quite a talent that an author could write a story in such a way to make the reader cry. You are a very talented writer and I await your next book eagerly!

Marie Force said...

Thank you so much, Jackie! I'm so glad you enjoy my books so much. :-)