Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Story Continues

I thought it would be fun to post some of the blogs I did for the Fatal Justice Blog Tour. This one ran at Romance Reader at Heart on Jan. 3, launch day!

Thank you so much for having me today—launch day for Fatal Justice, book 2 in my new Fatal Series. In this installment, Sam Holland, a Washington, D.C. police detective, and Nick Cappuano, a U.S. senator, are in a new high-profile romance that has taken the nation’s capitol by storm (much to their dismay). As they navigate these new and uncharted waters of true love in a fishbowl, not everyone is happy for them. Sam’s nemesis in the police department, for instance, has the internal affairs division looking into affair with Nick because he was a witness in her murder case when they became involved.

One of my favorite parts of this book is watching Nick become aware of exactly what he’s signed on for as the significant other to a woman who often finds herself in harm’s way. Nick, whose first impulse is to protect Sam, quickly figures out that there’s a whole lot of acceptance that goes along with being in her life. He has to find a way to live with the fear for her safety without suffocating her. It’s a fine line for him, and not one he will always navigate the way Sam would like him to.

And she is learning that keeping things from Nick is not the way to a successful relationship. However, after her troubled relationship with her passive-aggressive ex-husband Sam is accustomed to going out of her way to avoid “sharing” much of anything with the man in her life. Guess what? That’s not going to fly for Nick.

So it’s safe to say our happy couple is in for some rough waters in Fatal Justice as Sam hunts down the killer of a Supreme Court nominee. I’m really excited to get Fatal Justice out to readers this week! You can find it at under the Romantic Suspense tab. This is the start of a big year for Sam and Nick. Coming up in February, we’ll be asking readers to help us plan their wedding. Watch my website ( and blog ( for more information about how you can participate in the wedding planning and qualify to win some great prizes. Then in July, watch for book 3, Fatal Consequences. In September, we’ll release the Fatal wedding novella, Fatal Destiny, and then comes Fatal Flaw in February 2012.

I’m happy to take any questions readers might have about the Fatal Series or any of my other books, including my Feb. 1 print release, Everyone Loves a Hero. Sam and Nick are also happy to take questions! If you want to talk writing, parenting teenagers, puppies and senior citizens, I’m your girl. If you want to talk about the new season of the Bachelor and whether Brad will actually choose someone this time around, bring it on!

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