Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy Launch Day Fatal Justice! I will always think of Fatal Justice as the book that almost didn't happen. To those of you who've read about my journey to publication with the Fatal Series, you know the story. When my agent first shopped Fatal Affair, there was a lot buzz about the book, and we were optimistic for a sale. I had this vision, you see, of a series featuring the same couple in every book: Washington, D.C. police detective Sam Holland and her significant other, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano. By the time we put Fatal Affair out on submission, I was well into the second book, Fatal Justice. Even though "they" say you shouldn't write the second book in a series until the first one sells, I was concerned about the execution of my series idea. Sure, it sounded like a fun idea in concept, but what would it be like to actually write multiple books about the same characters. Could I make it work?

By the time we got the word that Fatal Affair didn't sell, largely because romance editors didn't like the series idea (they wanted new couples in every book), I was halfway through Fatal Justice. That's 50,000 words in for those who were wondering what halfway means. So what to do? Abandon the work-in-progress and move on to something else or finish Fatal Justice just for the satisfaction of writing The End? Since I've never yet abandoned a book, I finished Fatal Justice. Because of the roller coaster ride with Fatal Affair, it took me a full year to write Fatal Justice. That's four times my usual pace. I finished FJ two years ago this week. I had tears in my eyes as I wrote The End. I was so sad that no one would ever see the second book, which I ended up liking even better than the first one.

What a difference two years can make! When Carina Press opened its doors in November of 2009 looking to shake up the formulas, I submitted Fatal Affair. I figured, why not? Carina bought Fatal Affair in February 2010, Fatal Justice went in May, Fatal Consequences in August, Fatal Destiny and Fatal Flaw in November. Sometimes I still can't believe how lucky I got this year and how excited I am to be writing this series the way I wanted to do it. Readers have connected with Sam and Nick the way I'd hoped they would and have told me they're looking forward to book 2 and beyond. So am I!

You can get Fatal Justice here TODAY!

Read an excerpt here.

I'll be all over the blog-o-sphere this week giving away copies of Fatal Justice. Come by and comment to win:

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Monday, Jan. 10

Thanks to everyone who has embraced Sam and Nick and supported my Fatal Series. I hope you enjoy Fatal Justice! And watch for Fatal Consequences in July, Fatal Destiny (the wedding novella) in September and Fatal Flaw in Feb. 2012.


Sabrina @ about happy books said...

Happy Release Day!

Alison said...

Just bought my copy of Fatal Justice!! Can't wait to get started reading it!

Marie Force said...

Thanks Sabrina! Looking forward to my visit with you this week!

Thanks so much, Alison! Hope you enjoy it! :-)

Lori said...

Congrats on release day! I really liked the first one, and will definitely be reading this one, too!

Ronlyn said...

Happy Release Day my friend!!

krisgils33 said...

happy release day! the little snippets you are posting on FB aren't making it easy for me to want to finish up what I am currently reading first! :-)
needless to say, my excitement and anticipation levels keep ramping up!!!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Lori! I so hope you enjoy Fatal Justice!!

Thank you, Ronlyn!

Kris, so sorry to hear that. LOL! Hurry up and read!

Aly said...

Happy Release Day Author Lady!

But can you make everyone hurry up and read it so we can talk about it???

Sheila Deeth said...

Happy Release Day. Fascinating to read about how the series nearly didn't happen. I hadn't thought about whether romance come in series.

flchen1 said...

Woohooo, Marie! Happy release day!!

oklanannie said...

Better late than never to wish a big success to you for "Fatal Justice." My copy is loaded and read to read. I can't wait for more!

Mary G said...

Congrats Marie.
Loved FJ. Very smart writing.
I think this is my first series with recurring leads and you kept it fresh. Happy Release Week. I hope you sell a lot of books.

Marie Force said...

LOL on the hurry up so we can chat! People are reading! They are emailing me! You'll have FJ friends soon!

Yes the Fatal books took a long and winding turn to publication, but it worked out well.

Thanks Fedora!

Thanks so much, Annie! I so hope you enjoy it! Will look forward to hearing what you think!

Mary, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed Fatal Justice! Yay!

Judy F said...

happy a couple days late. I suck.

Marie Force said...

I realized I never chose a winner for launch day, so....

LORI!!!!!! Contact me at to claim your copy of Fatal Justice and thanks to everyone who came out to play on launch day!