Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Everyone Loves a Hero, Fresh Fiction

Olivia Robison works at an airport kiosk and lives at home with her loving father and agoraphobic mother in order to put herself through college. Though she is working on a business degree, she is happiest when drawing portraits of strangers during her breaks. Pilot Cole Langston enters her life in dramatic fashion when he intervenes on her behalf with an unruly customer and ends up on the floor knocked-out and concussed from a fist to the face. The attraction is instantaneous and soon they are struggling with the complexities of a long distance relationship. Complicating matters is the fact that Cole, aka "Captain Incredible", is a national hero after landing a plane in a blizzard and saving the life of the pilot who had a heart attack. Can Olivia trust a man who has beautiful women slipping him their numbers at every turn? Is Cole ready to be a one-woman man?

With EVERYONE LOVES A HERO, Marie Force captures the challenges and complexities that follow when a couple falls in love at first sight. Believing that this person you barely know is someone you can trust with your love and devotion is not easy. Cole and Olivia deal with these challenges head on as they get to know each other, their family and friends, and their personal issues. Ms. Force's deft writing made the chemistry between Olivia and Cole instant and palpable.

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