Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Diary: I Might Be a Valley Girl

The whirlwind that is launch week continues with lots of fun and excitement surrounding FATAL FLAW! Thanks to everyone who has written to tell me you've enjoyed the latest installment of Sam and Nick's adventures. One of the comments I've heard a few times is that series are supposed to go downhill after book 3, which was news to me. LOL! Readers have told me the Fatal Series is getting better, and they can't wait for the next one. Of course I love hearing that and will continue to do my best to make sure we're heading uphill rather than down. Thanks to my Nook readers for putting FATAL FLAW in the Barnes & Noble Top 100! That's quite a thrill!

Fatal Series readers might be interested in hearing my interview with RT Book Reviews in which I talk about Sam and Nick and what makes them special to me. Like most people, I hate to watch myself on video because I always think, Do I really sound like an overgrown Valley Girl? Apparently so! I'll be on TV in the Providence, RI, area on Monday, talking about romance in advance of Valentine's Day. I'll post the link to that interview when I have it. I'm going to do my best not to sound like a Valley Girl this time. Like... Oh my GOD! :-)

McCarthy Series Readers may want to join the fun at the McCarthys of Gansett Island Readers Group on Facebook where this week the girls are casting the guys for the imaginary movies they are going to make of the books. If you have some thoughts about who could play Mac, Joe, Luke, Grant, Evan, Adam or Big Mac, come on over and join in the fun! Speaking of the McCarthys, Evan's book, HOPING FOR LOVE, is heading to the copy editor today! I can't wait to get it ship-shape and out to you in March. More to come on a release date when I have it.

I had a really great time yesterday with my friend Karen Lawson's book club in Defiance, Ohio. Thanks to the magic of Skype, I was able to join in their chat about TREADING WATER, which was really exciting. You all know how much that book means to me, and to be able to debate the issues in the book with readers was such a thrill. Thank you Karen and the ladies of Defiance. I think I'd like to live in a town with that name. Do you think it comes with an attitude to match its name? Maybe I need to set a book there. Hmm... If you'd like to Skype me into your book club, let me know! I'd love to come. It's so much fun to talk about my books with readers!

I've really fallen off the gym wagon this week (and last). I somehow managed to hurt my foot, and I've been trying to stay off it. Dan has diagnosed me with a stress fracture. I'm really hoping that isn't the case as I imagine the fun my brother and cousins would have teasing me about my foot being under such STRESS that my bones are breaking! Let's face it, they could have a field day with that one!

Well, I am off to finish a re-read of FATAL FLAW to refresh my memory and get myself in the right frame of mind to dive back into FATAL ATTACK! Have a great day!

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