Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Diary: HTJB, Inc. & A Giveaway

February 2, 2012 is a day that will go down in infamy in my life as an author for it was the day that my company was founded: HTJB, Inc. went on the official books with the Rhode Island Secretary of State yesterday! HTJB stands for: House That Jack Built. Read the full story behind the company name here. This is one of those things I used to dream about way back when, long after I finished Jack's book, Treading Water. I'd say, if I ever form a company around my books, it will be HTJB. I can check off that item on the to-do list. HTJB is a reality, and I'm so excited!

I'm also excited about the launch on Monday of Fatal Flaw, book 4 in the Fatal Series. In honor of the upcoming release and the formation of my new company, I thought it would be fun to post a new excerpt today and offer a giveaway copy of the book to one lucky commenter. What I'd like to know is this: What is your all-time favorite Sam & Nick moment? Please include your email address with your comment! I'll use a random calculator to pick a winner tomorrow morning. 

Without further ado, here's a glimpse at Flaw:

The front door swung open. “Hey, babe,” Nick said. “You coming in?”
Celia had promised to call if she needed help, so Sam tore her eyes off the house down the street and let her husband usher her into their home, a renovated double-sized townhouse he’d bought so she could be near her dad and work. Of course its Capitol Hill location put him in close proximity to his office too.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, taking her coat and hanging it in the closet when Sam would’ve tossed it over the sofa. Why hang it when she’d need it again in the morning?
“I think my dad is sick. He’s all congested and wheezy sounding, and he has a fever.”
“What did Celia say?”
“She’s on it, but I’m worried about pneumonia.”
“And what’s this?” Nick asked, gesturing to the garbage bag full of wedding cards that sat on the floor next to her.
“More well wishes that went to Dad’s house—at least I hope they’re well wishes.”
Nick kissed her forehead and then her lips. “My poor wife’s first day back to work was far more stressful than it should’ve been, wasn’t it?”
She nodded. “And now this with my dad. Maybe I should go back over there. Just in case.”
“If that’s what you want to do, I’ll go with you. We can sleep over there tonight.”
“Really? You wouldn’t mind?”
“I’d rather have you there where you can be near him than watch you wear out a path in the carpet over here worrying about him.”
Sam hadn’t realized she’d been pacing as they talked. She stopped and looped her fingers together, filled with nervous energy. “Sorry. Anything with him totally freaks me out. We’ve been so lucky to get two pretty good years since the shooting. All that time we’ve known how precarious his health is now. A simple cold is anything but for him.”
Nick came to her and put his arms around her. He unclipped her long hair and combed his fingers through her curls. Breathing in the scent of Nick, the scent of home, Sam closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest. At times like this, she could no longer remember what it had been like to live without him.
“Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m so grateful he survived the shooting even if I hate the way he has to live now,” she said.
“I think he’s come to terms with it. In his own way.”
“Yeah, but it still sucks.” What really sucked was the case remained unsolved more than two years later, despite ongoing effort by Sam and all of Skip’s former colleagues at the Metropolitan Police Department. “I’m beginning to give up on ever solving his case.”
“You will.”
Sam drew back to look up at him. “You sound awfully sure of that.”
“I’m awfully sure of you.” Keeping his eyes firmly on hers, he lowered his head and captured her mouth.
Sam linked her hands around his neck and teased him with her tongue, making him groan.
“This was the longest day,” he said. “I spent most of it missing you and daydreaming about Bora Bora.”
She kept her lips close to his. “Me too.”
His hands found their way to her bottom and squeezed. “How soon until we can go back?”
Sam laughed. “Not soon enough.”
He surprised her when he suddenly lifted her and arranged her legs around his waist. “No reason we can’t relive some of the magic right here at home.”
“Is that so?”
“Mmm-hmm.” His kisses became more urgent as he lowered them to the sofa. “I feel like I’m going through withdrawal or something.”
“Just think,” she said, running her fingers through his hair, “we get to stay on this drug for the rest of our lives.”
“Do you promise the same number of daily doses I received in Bora Bora?”
Sam laughed and brought him down for more of those heated kisses he was doling out.
“So that’s a ‘yes’?”
“You’re rather persistent this evening, Senator.”
His hands were busy divesting them of clothes. “I’m rather horny too.”
Normally, he was the epitome of finesse, but tonight he was all about urgency. The moment they were both naked, he surged into her and dropped his head to her chest. “God, I needed this.”
She loved watching his legendary control waver and then break as he took fierce possession of her. Sweat dampened his back and brow. Sam gave herself over to him, loving him more than she’d ever imagined possible.
“Babe,” he whispered. “Can’t…” He moaned and tightened his hold on her.
“It’s okay.” She ran her hands down his back and clutched his backside, which seemed to send him careening completely out of control.
His face was tight with tension as he came hard. His fingers gripped her arm and shoulder so tightly she suspected there would be bruises, not that she cared.
“Sorry,” he said, breathing hard.
“For what?” She brushed the damp hair off his brow.
“You didn’t come.”
“You can make it up to me next time.”
“And I will. I promise.” He ran his hand down her arm and linked their fingers. “I wish we’d never had to leave Bora Bora.”
“Is that so?”
“They were the best days of my life. I could’ve stayed there with you forever.”
“You would’ve missed work and your friends and your life here after a while.”
“I had everything I needed right there with me.”
“You would’ve gotten fat and lazy and slovenly.”
He chuckled and brushed his lips over the side of her breast, sending a shiver of sensation rippling through her. “We found a good way to burn off calories.”
“We certainly did.”
“More than anything, I liked having you all to myself.”
“You’ll have me all to yourself every night.”
“Not the same. Not nearly enough.”
Sam placed her free hand on his face, urging him to look at her. “What’s this all about?”
Hesitating, he looked away for a moment before he brought his gaze back to meet hers. “Having you all to myself showed me how little time together we get at home.”
“It’ll be better now that we’re officially living together.”
“It won’t be better. We’ll always be competing against a million other demands for time to ourselves.”
“True, but as long as we make our relationship the top priority we’ll work it out.”
“I told Christina today that from now on I’m only giving two nights a week and one weekend day to the campaign.”
“Can you do that?”
“I have a sixty-five-point lead over my Republican opponent, so I’m willing to risk it.”
“Is that an unusually high lead?”
“I guess so,” he said modestly. “We got a nice bump out of the wedding.”
“Glad to be of assistance.”
That sexy grin of his made her go weak in the knees even when she wasn’t lying naked in his arms. “Anyway, since we’ve got a pretty solid lead, I don’t see the need to spend so much time campaigning. Especially,” he added, kissing her, “when I have so many other things I’d rather be doing.”
“You won’t get any argument from me.”
“I had a feeling you might approve.” He propped his chin on her chest. “So do you want to go over to your dad’s?”
Sam thought about that for a minute. “Celia said she’d call if anything changes, so I guess we can stay here.”
“Want some help going through the cards?”
“Sure. The faster I get that done, the faster I can go to bed.”
“Why do you think I offered to help?”
“And here I thought your offer was entirely unselfish.”
“Oh no, babe. Not entirely.”

Copyright 2012. Marie Sullivan Force. All rights reserved.

Go forth and comment on your favorite Sam & Nick moment! Remember--to be entered into the drawing--you MUST list your favorite Sam & Nick moment HERE ON THE BLOG, not on Facebook, and you must list your email address. Thanks!

Have a great weekend and GO PATS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Marie love the Fatal seriers cant wait for the new edition

bc2mc3 said...

Me too. Have devoured every one of the Fatal books and holding my breath for the next one!!!

PS Have read all your others too. One of your biggest fans!

Marie Force said...

Remember--to be entered into the drawing--you MUST list your favorite Sam & Nick moment HERE ON THE BLOG, not on Facebook, and you must list your email address. Thanks!

krisgils33 said...

I forget the entire dialogue/scene, but the part where Nick tells Sam "I know you". makes me melt every time.

Caty said...

I have so many favorite moments, that it's hard for me to choose just one, so... I'll just go with one of my favorite quotes, from Fatal Consequences:

"Be careful with my fiancée. I love her more than life itself."
"Nick...You make me all fluttery. No one has ever made me fluttery. How do you that?" Ridiculously pleased he smiled. "What can I say? It's magic. Take care, babe.”

I love the whole series and can't wait to read more about Nick♥

My e-mail is cataocampob (at) gmail (dot) com

Bex said...

Hi Marie, I am so happy to hear that the HTJB is incorporated! You have worked so hard for it and are an inspiration!! <3

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Bex! I am so happy for YOU today that I am giddy!

Becky Brown Bergeski said...

My favorite Sam and Nick moment, is when she is she is sitting at his desk and re-arranging all of his stuff on his desk, and he walks in and puts it all back with out missing a beat!!

I wanted to tell you grouping up i had a great friend, he grandfather built his house and at the end of his drive way he had built a mini-house that looked just like the "big" house and it also said "the house that jack built" and after he died that is the one thing they took from the house and its now hanging in their living room..

Mel said...

Congratulations Marie! I just love that you went with HTJB for your company name. As for fav Nick and Sam moment--wow, that's a hard one but one of my fav moments is when they first reconnect (which is in the beginning of the 1st book and makes me fall in love with Nick) and Nick responds to Sam with You've made that painfully clear. She never called him back (of course she didn't know he called!) and he's so bitter about it. The fact that they both couldn't forget the other but life got in the way. The readers know before they do that they're destined to be together. I LOVE that mushy stuff. :)

Amanda said...

Marie, every moment is my favorite moment but to chose just one I think it would have to be when Sam tells Nick that she doesn't think she could have any kids and he accepts her for her. After her being so worried of what he would want and say and then to just be there and love her. Having a similar conversation before I know what a hard discussion it can be. It didn't even seen to bother Nick and its all because of how much he loves her.
Also, when they both are with Scotty! How amazing how Nick has just sort of taken him under his wing.
You seem to have a way of making us all melt when you show another man taking care of a child thats not even his.

Jackie 0668 said...

My favorite Sam and Nick moment is when they realize that they both put the same inscription on their wedding bands even though they had not planned it that way.
So romantic!

Stephanie O. said...

Marie you're such a tease! I can't wait until Monday. how can I pick just one.
My favorite Nick and Sam moment is when Sam realize that Nick got Bon Jovi to sign at their wedding, such a perfect gift for his wife. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I just love your books Marie and cant wait for Fatal Flaw.


NicolesBlueEyes said...

i think i narrowed it down... my favorite nick and sam momment is when sam found out nick bought the house a few down from her dads...

nicole --

Linhie said...
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Marie Force said...

Karen Lawson asked me to post this comment:

Marie - this was a hard decision! But who could ever forget the proposal in the Rose Garden? Here it is:

“You have such faith in me, Sam.”

“Of course I do. There’s nothing you can’t do when you set your mind to it.”

“Only if I have you by my side.” All at once, he dropped to his knees in front of her.

Sam gasped and raised a hand to her chest to keep her galloping heart from leaping through fevered skin.

“Samantha, I love you so much. Since you’ve been back in my life, I feel like anything is possible.” He glanced at the grand old house behind them. “Even things I never dreamed of. Our life together will be crazy and chaotic and wonderful. Will you marry me and take the trip of a
lifetime with me?”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes!” As he gathered her in his arms, she had no thoughts about the past, about the marriage that had failed or anything other than what was right in front of her—the love of her life.

He reached for the inside pocket of the coat she wore and withdrew a dazzling square-cut diamond ring that took her breath away.

“I can’t wear that to work,” she said as he slid it on her trembling finger.

Smiling, he said, “I wouldn’t expect you to. But you will wear the other one after you say ‘I do,’ you got me? I want the whole world to know you’re taken.”

*sigh* Thank you Marie for giving us Nick and Sam. Monday can't come soon enough!

Karen Lawson

Jenn45710 said...

I love Sam and Nick!!! The whole "Fatal" series is FANTASTIC!!!

Anonymous said...

my favorite part is the first part when they first reconnect.

eliz.renfroe said...

My favorite scene - Sam and Nick at the Lincoln Memorial when she missed their shower. It was heartfelt, emotional, tearjerking, falling-in-love-all-over-again wonderful!

June Capasso said...

not fair! I haven't read it yet!

Millybuwee said...

I love the Fatal series. Nick and Sam are real with real problems. Sometimes I forget that are the imagination of a great mind, Lol. I am looking so forward to the release date.

Millybuwee said...

Oops! Go Patriots! I so love this team and its players. Duper bowl party at my house all invited!

Unknown said...

So many to choose from but I'll try...New Year's on the roof in Fatal Justice when Sam asks if they can come back to the same spot every year and Nick says "It's a date" but also Fatal Destiny when Sam sneaks out to see Nick and Nick asks her why people are always trying to steal her from him. I really admire how committed they are to each other.

Anonymous said...

There are so many it is hard to pick! I love when Nick surprises Sam with Bon Jovi at their wedding, and when they have the same thing "you are my home" engraved in their rings and did not even know it. I love this series so much and cannot wait for Fatal Flaw!!!

Patti F

Joy said...

There really are too many good moments to pick just one, but the dirty girl in me thought of this one first :) When/how Sam loses the bet to Nick to pick their wedding date. HOT!
joykedwards at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Very hard to pick my favorite. I'll go with Sam and Nick's first kiss after they meet again. I love how Nick wanted to see if it was like he remembered and he says it's even better. Then Nick tells Sam he plans to finish what they started six years ago. I love the determination in Nick.

Now, I want to reread the whole series. So many great Sam and Nick moments.


eliz.renfroe said...

That's it! I have to go back to the first book and read them all again asap. Your contest is bringing back too many favorite scenes. Thank you for giving us characters to fall in love with all over again. I've already listed my favorite, just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying reading all of the comments! Congratulations on your new company/venture!

Kathy said...

I truly love the whole series; I have read all books at least 3 times each (and I just downloaded on Christmas). I think my favorite moment is in Fatal Destiny after Nick & Sam are married and Nick is still processing the fact that his mother was at the ceremony. Sam takes charge, "look at me. We are not spending our first minutes as husband and wife talking about someone who's not worth our time". During the previous books, Nick is fighting for the relationship while Sam is trying but stumbles as she tries to protect Nick from various news and events. In this scene she finally succeeds in protecting him by being honest. Her love is strong & true & you can "feel" it in her speech.

Millybuwee said...

My all time favorite Sam & Nick moment is from The first book in the series: Fatal Affair:
He took a step back and encountered wall. "He's going to know. If a babe like you is my daughter, I've got her room bugged to make sure guys like me don't get in." Without allowing his eyes to leave her face, he said, "so he's going to know I'm up here with his daughter-his beautiful, sexy, naked daughter-and he'll call some of his cop buddies.


Marie Force said...

And the winner of the free copy of Fatal Flaw is....

Melissa Becker!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorite Sam & Nick moments! I truly enjoyed hearing what has stayed with you from the earlier books. I hope you all enjoy Flaw!

Melissa said...

Yay!! Thank you again SO much Marie! I will enjoy my head start on Sam and Nick's life after the honeymoon. Have a great day everyone, I know I will! :-)