Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Diary: The Cheese Whiz Effect

Someone was asking me today if I'm keeping busy with my new job. Umm, yes. Yes, I am. In fact, I have no idea where the days are going. Time is flying by as if I stepped into a machine that puts life on overdrive. You know that January was full of home renovations that took way too much of my time and brain space. This month, it's all the details of incorporating my business and establishing new bank accounts and various other details that involve phone calls from the lawyer, the accountant and the bank.

Today, I actually used a Cheese Whiz analogy to describe the way my writing life has exploded to fill the available time. You know how the whiz is compressed into the can but explodes the minute you let it out? That's what's happened to me since I left my job to write full time. The new "job" (that still never really feels like a job) has exploded to fill the available space, and I love everything about it!

Thanks to everyone who gave Fatal Flaw such a great release day! I so appreciate all the lovely emails and comments about the book. Once I get Hoping for Love off to the copy editor, I'll be back to Sam and Nick and their latest adventure in Fatal Attack. All the chatter on the Fatal Flaw Readers Group has me jonesing to get back to that world for another visit. If you've finished the book and want to join the chat, just click on the link. We'd love to have you!