Monday, August 22, 2011

Fatal Wedding Reveal, Day 1: Invitations

The two-week countdown to Fatal Destiny is ON. Beginning today, we'll unveil YOUR choices for Sam and Nick's big day, which will be featured in the free novella that is out September 5. Every day we'll reveal another choice so that by the time Sept. 5 rolls around, you'll have a full picture of the wedding in your mind.

I had a great time writing Sam and Nick's wedding, but I never could've done it without the help of my wedding planners Aly Hackett and Ronlyn Howe. They provided all the wonderful choices and (apparently with some significant bickering) narrowed down each item to three options for us to choose from. I have to say that you, my lovely readers, usually chose the one I would've picked in just about every instance.

Over the next two weeks, make sure you come by every day and comment to be entered into the drawing for TWO grand prizes: your choice of a Kindle or a Nook for one winner (or a $100 gift card to Amazon or B&N if you already have a device) and advance copies of Fatal Books for the life of the series for a second winner. You'll be entered into the grand prize drawing every time you comment, so come every day and comment often! To be entered for the drawing, please include your first and last names as well as your email address WITH your comment.

Now, for our first reveal, let's find out which invitation you chose for Sam & Nick:

Invitation 1

Invitation 2

Invitation 3

And the winner is.... NUMBER 3!

To celebrate the invitations going in the mail, I'll be giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon to one lucky commenter today. Comment by midnight tonight and tell me what you think of the invitations (and by the way, this was the hardest element to work into the wedding story, but I think you'll like how I got it in there...)