Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Club: Fatal Consequences & The Fatal Series

Politics can be murder...

Lieutenant Sam Holland has no sooner accepted Senator Nick Cappuano's proposal than she's back on the job. A woman has been found brutally murdered and evidence points to Henry Lightfeather, a senator and close friend of Nick's. While Sam investigates, Nick stands by his friend—complicating his own bid for reelection, and causing tension between the couple.

As Sam's investigation reveals a scandal that rocks the capital, Nick and Sam discover that the biggest threat to their future might be someone from her past...

I'm so excited to chat about book 3 in the Fatal Series. This book was a lot of fun to write as I was able to tap into some "ripped from the headlines" stories about politicians gone wrong. Remember when Jay Leno so famously asked Hugh Grant, "What were you thinking?" after he was caught with a hooker? You gotta wonder what these guys are thinking the first time they hire a hooker or "sext" inappropriate pictures of themselves to women or minors. So many careers have been toppled by moments that come down to that question: WHAT were they thinking?

With this in mind, I tapped into the arrogant, entitled world of the powerful men who run the government to fuel the mystery in Fatal Consequences. One of my favorite moments in this book is when Sam disdains the "little wives" who stand by their disgraced men in their moment of free fall. She makes it clear that if her future husband ever finds himself in that position, she won't be standing there playing the part of the political wife. I also love Nick's reaction to her tirade: as if. We all know Nick would never be so stupid, because, well, he's NICK!

In this book we gain some more insight into Freddie's relationship with Elin and something from Gonzo's past threatens his burgeoning relationship with Cristina, Nick's chief of staff. We're also along for the ride as Sam and Nick attempt to plan a wedding after she loses an "interesting" bet and he sets a wedding date that's just six short weeks away.

We're now down to less than a month until Fatal Destiny, the wedding novella, will be released. I can't wait until you all can read about the wedding you helped to plan last February. Speaking of that, mark your calendars for Aug. 22 when we will start unveiling your choices for Sam and Nick's wedding, leading up the Sept. 5 release of the novella. We'll have all new prizes and daily giveaways, so make sure you check in every day from August 22–September 4.

Join the conversation today to be privy to a sneak peek at Fatal Destiny as well as the chance to win random prizes offered throughout the day. Let's talk about the political scandal that most resonated with you: was it Clinton or Spitzer or Weiner? Or was it something closer to your home? And, I'll take any questions you might have about what's next for Sam, Nick and the gang. Look forward to chatting about Fatal Consequences and the series today!

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Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

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  • 8 saltine crackers
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1/4 tsp Worcestershire
  • 1/2 tsp Old Bay seasoning
  • salt to taste
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil


  1. Carefully check the crab meat for any cartilage. Put meat in a bowl and set it aside.
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Dru said...

I can't wait for Fatal Destiny.

I'm eager to know what is in store for Freddie and Gonzo.

Will you showcase the other characters that make up Sam's team?

What role will that mean old thorn in her side (I can't think of his name, the one who wanted her job, I think he's in Internal Affairs) cast in the next book?

Mary G said...

Hi Marie
I'm reading FC now & loving it. Gonzo & his dimple...sigh and his
possible dimpled secret - I'm melting. BTW Nick & Sam's bet - you can't just say three times & not write it them all. That's just mean LOL.

How about Arnie & Maria? They all shock me - the way people of power never think they'll get caught or if they do they're somehow immune to consequences.

Marie Force said...

Hi Dru,
Thanks for coming by to start off book club. Yes, you will see more of the detectives on Sam's team, and I expect to add new members over time. Freddie and Gonzo are both front and center in Fatal Consequences as is Jeannie McBride, who has a story arc that covers several books, beginning with FC.

Lt. Stahl will continue to be a thorn in Sam's side. As her star continues to rise in the department, I expect him to raise his game against her. It's fun to write her internal monologues when Stahl is "in her face."

Thanks for the great questions!

Marie Force said...

Hi Mary,
So glad you're enjoying FC! Yay! Let's hear it for the dimple and the little dimple. :-) LOL on the bet. I figured y'all could use your imagination about Nick's "tactics" to win the bet.

Arnie and Maria....that's a good one. He's a dumb ass. Imagine two women having two of your kids days apart and thinking you're never going to get caught. I heard the housekeeper's kid looks just like him and Maria flat out asked if he was Arnold's son. So disgusting. I feel sorry for all five of his kids.

krisgils33 said...

You know, up until this last book, I wasn't a huge Christina fan. But, that she was there for Gonzo, I thought was way cool.

Can I call Stahl an ass clown?? Cuz he is. Really great writing that you make him stink up the joint. :-)

I love Jeannie, so don't hurt her anymore. K?? Thanks a bunch.

NicolesBlueEyes said...


I have enjoyed reading the Fatal books so much... I am excited to see what happens with Nick and Sam and all the wedding details in the next book!

I am kind of glad that Freddie and Elin are done... not that his momma was right, but I think he needs someone that doesnt just want him for a romp in the sack... and so glad that Christina is sticking by Gonzo despite the baby twist...

Marie Force said...

LOL on the ass clown, Kris, and I'm so glad you've come around on Christina. I hear you on, Jeannie. I hated doing that to her, but.... She is featured prominently in Flaw. :-)

Marie Force said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for reading and for coming by today. Writing that twist for Gonzo was really fun, and it will continue to be an issue for him--and Christina--in future books.

As for Freddie and Elin being done, well....


StephanieJS said...

I must admit I was a little late in reading the series. I had the books on my Kindle just waiting to be read.

I'm kind of glad I waited because I've been able to read the three books one right after the other. I'm currently reading Fatal Consequences. I don't want the book to end. I lose a lot of sleep while reading these books. I just can't put them down.

I love reading about Sam and Nick! I also love the way you write the secondary characters. Freddie, Gonzo, Jeannie, and all the others add to the story.

What other books are planned for this series after Fatal Destiny? I noticed Fatal Flaw is going to be released in February. I'm just trying to figure out how long I have to wait to get my Sam and Nick fix.

NicolesBlueEyes said...

Oh... does Elin come around?!

I also forgot to mention, I hope Stahl gets whats coming to him... he seems like he just needs a good swift kick in the rear...

Danielle328 said...

I seriously looked at the calendar and went ugh its only Aug 10th. I want Sept 5th haha. When I came into your books there were so many to catch up on and now I anxiously wait for them to come out! I can't wait for Fatal Destiny! I love the wedding planner :) glad she can work with Sam haha. I also was not a huge fan of Christina at first but she seems to have found the right fit with Gonzo! Love your writing and can't wait for more!


Marie Force said...

So sorry to keep you up at night (not)! LOL! Glad you're enjoying the series. Destiny is next, out on Sept. 5, then Flaw, out in February. After that I'm not sure what's next. I'm taking a small break from the series because I wrote three of them in a year and I need to think a little on where I want to take them next. There WILL be more! I have an idea for book 5 that I am playing with and I'm looking forward to writing more about Sam and Nick. I'd like to delve a little deeper into Nick's job going forward, too, so there's lots of fun ahead! Thanks for reading!

Marie Force said...

All I will say is that Elin and Freddie are not done. Not by a long shot. But Freddie being Freddie, the path to his happily ever after will be fraught with peril. He is SO fun to write! And yes, I think we all hope Stahl gets his comeuppance one of these days. We'll see!

Marie Force said...

I'm so glad you're looking forward to Destiny! I really love the way that story came together. It was a challenge to write a full story in only 40,000 words, but I think we did it!

Shelby, the wedding planner, was a fun addition to the cast. I may bring her back again at some point. That poor girl had her hands full with Sam, didn't she? She plays a big role, of course, in Destiny.

I'm so glad you guys like the relationship between Gonzo and Christina. I have more planned for them in future books.

Tara said...

Hi All! First I LOVE this series, Marie!

After this book, I like Christina so much more and can't wait to see more of she and Gonzo.

I am also looking forward to seeing Christina and Sam's relationship grow also.

So, Dr. Harry, and his secretly mentioned only to Sam, girlfriend. Will we see their storyline grow?

I can't wait for Fatal Destiny!

StephanieJS said...

Just knowing there will be more after Fatal Flaw will help me when I'm going through withdrawals. :o) Thank you for writing a series that follows the same couple and doing such an amazing job with each book bringing something new to Sam and Nick's relationship!

Mary G said...

Yeah about Arnie - there's a little bit more of an ick factor when it's someone in your house. I doubt Arnie took the maid to a hotel. What does it say about her too? If she was sexually harassed then she should have done something. Otherwise Arnie was just a meal ticket. And what's up with the pregancy too? Does he think he's magical & can't get someone pregnant?

Marie Force said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. It makes me so happy to hear that since you all know I fought long and hard for this series and to be able to write it the way I wanted to. That you guys seem to love it makes all the struggle so worth it.

I hope to feature more of Dr. Harry. I had a hard time getting him into Flaw (he does make a brief appearance), so I need to find a story for him in the next one. I love his character and the way he bickers with Sam. More of that to come in Destiny. His girlfriend shows up in Destiny, too. I hope to do more with them in the future.

I'd also like to see Sam's "friendship," if you can call it that, with Christina continue to grow. I think Sam is a little jealous of how much time Christina spends with Nick. There's probably some story to be found in that dynamic. :-)

Thanks so much for reading!

Marie Force said...

Thank you for that. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I had a feeling there were readers out there who'd like this type of series. It's good to be right about that! :-)

Marie Force said...

The whole thing is so insane. Imagine the audacity of him fooling around with a woman who works for his family and interacts with his wife and children. I think that's a particular level of disgusting. He's one who thought the world owed him something.

Another one: John Edwards. OMG. Speaking of hubris!

NicolesBlueEyes said...

Love Freddie, he just seems like such a great guy...

Fingers crossed Stahl gets what is coming to him!

Marie Force said...

I love Freddie, too, Nicole. He has a fun scene in Flaw where he tells Sam he's planning to be "New Freddie." She's like, I kinda like "Old Freddie." He never fails to amuse me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear there will be more after Fatal Flaw. I'd be so sorry to see it end. You write such intricate storylines and invest us not only into the main characters, but the secondary ones too. There's plenty of storylines to follow for a long time - don't stop, please!

Joy said...

Errr... weird... that was me posting as Anonymous. I thought I put in my name - but maybe not. :)

Angelina said...

I finished reading the Gansett island series and just started the Fatal series. Im halfway through Fatal affair and I got the email about book club today...spoiler alert! I guess i should have figured they would get married at some point! LOL I love how you can really get a feel for each character even the ones we are intended to dislike! What a fun experience it has been reading these books! I eager to know about Freddie and Gonzo though! They sound like an interesting pair! I'll probably have to stop reading your posts now as I dont want to ruin the suprise when i read the other books!!:)

flchen1 said...

Oh boy, Marie! I can't wait to get caught up with this series! So there'll be more adventures to come, right? :) I love that these are characters that can't let you go!

oklanannie said...

Scotty - I'm anxious to see the relationship between him, Nick and Sam blossom. I just know it's gonna! Isn't it??? I loved reading the scenes between Nick and Scotty.

Are we going to solve the mystery of who shot Skip in one of the next two books? I want that evil doer behind bars!

Speaking of Skip -- and Celia, some of the best lines in "Consequences" were in the opening scenes at the blood red hearts and flowers Valentine's Day wedding. Wow! Laughed and laughed.

The dialogue in the "Fatal" books is made up of so many fantastic gems. You feel as if you are right there in the moment as it's happening. I love that about these books.

Wondering if you have additional plans for Dr. Lindsey McNamara's character?

Last but not least, thank you for clarifying that Elin is not gone! I yelled "Oh no!" The "awakening" of Freddie is just too good to end.

Sending my RSVP that I'll be front and center on the big wedding day!!

Hope said...

I dashing in to say a quick hello on the way to the airport. We are on the way to a karate tournament, but I couldn't leave without saying how much I love this series and can't wait for the wedding novella.

I don't have much time to read everyone's responses and questions, but I am hoping that Dr. Lindsay (the hottie as he is known in my head) will be showing back up in later books.

Have fun today girls :)

Jolene and Family said...

Yay, I'm back :) Missed coming to book club. I just recently bought the first book in the series on my kindle and cannot wait to sit down and read it once I'm not being attacked by box after box after box :) My life needs to settle down quick so I can get back to my books. They miss me :)

krisgils33 said...

Some time ago you had said something, I think, about having Sam's female struggles have a more prominent role. Will we see that in either of the two pending books or is that for down the road?

Alison said...

I can't wait for Final Destiny! I'm so glad my office is closed on 9/5 so I can have a Sam and Nick day!

Im loving all the side stories...Gonzo and Christina, Jeannie and Michael, Dr. Harry and his girlfriend!

I have to say I hoped Elin would step up for Freddie...I wanted her to be more than a sexpot.

I'm so ready for Lt. Stahl to get what's coming to him! Kris nailed it on the head...what an ass clown!

Marie Force said...

Hi Joy,
Don't worry--no plans to stop any time soon! I love writing Sam and Nick and the others. Lots of fun to come!

Thanks so much for checking out the Fatal series, and sorry if we ruined anything for you by book clubbing the third book. :-) Enjoy!

Yes, I plan for it to be a long-running series, but you never know. I have no actual "plan," per se, because I don't write that way, but I hope it will go on for quite some time. :-)

Ronlyn said...

Morning all! (it's still morning here so hush up all you East Coaters) ;-)
FC has been my favorite FATAL book to date. The emotions run high, but we see the details of the characters lives that we've met previously, making it a wider cast.
I still think Christina should have been killed off, but... ;-)
Okay, small people demanding my attention...back later.

Marie Force said...

Hi Anne,
YES, Scotty is now a main character who will reappear in Destiny and Flaw and beyond. I love him with Nick and you will see more of him with Sam in Destiny and Flaw. That scene at the farm at the end of FC really got me as I wrote it and Graham told Nick that Scotty reminded him of a boy he once knew. Gulp.

The mystery of who shot Skip continues to baffle. I don't want to give anything away, but there is "movement" on that front in the next two installments. People ask me all the time if I know who did it. I always say, I will know when Sam does. :-) I loved writing Skip and Celia's wedding debacle and Sam's reaction to it. She's such a stick in the mud, huh? And Nick trying to calm her down and only succeeding in further irritating her. LOL! I am so glad you enjoy the dialogue. I feel like they are real people telling me what to say on their behalf by now.

YES, Lindsey gets a story in Flaw. I think you guys will like it. :-)

And yes, Freddie and Elin are just too fun to write. She is way too much for him, and he knows it, yet he can't stay away. That make for an often combustible relationship that can't end too soon. I don't know if I see forever for them or not. I haven't decided yet.

Thank you for your RSVP. Shelby will appreciate that!

Marie Force said...

Thanks Hope! I think you mean Dr. Harry the hottie and yes, he will be back for more in future books. Good luck at the tournament!

Marie Force said...

Welcome back Jolene! Glad your move is done and you are settled. Enjoy Fatal Affair!

Marie Force said...

Yes, Sam's fertility issues will continue to be prominent in the series. Those of you who've read FC know there was a rather SIGNIFICANT development on this front toward the end of that book, and the issue comes up again in FD and FF. It will also be featured prominently in the next installment. Great question!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Alison. I think I might have Sam call him an ass clown in the next book. It's too good not to use! It so fits him! I've been thinking that Stahl needs to have a confrontation with the senator. Now wouldn't THAT be something? :-) Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you've go the 5th off from work. That was very good of them to do that for you! :-)

Marie Force said...

Morning Ronlyn!
Thanks for coming by before your coffee. :-) I think FC was my favorite too, until Destiny. It's going to take a lot to top that one in my affections. I really love the way the wedding came together in the midst of more intrigue for Sam on the job--and off the job. I can't wait for everyone to be able to read it.

Marie Force said...

Time for the first giveaway:

$25 gift card to Amazon or B&N to:


Congratulations, Tara! Email me at to claim your prize.

More prizes coming AND a sneak peek at Destiny, so stick around for more fun this afternoon!

oklanannie said...

Oh! I forgot! Can Nick PLEASE run for President in the next election? I can't even begin to face all this political crap without a dream!!!

Marie Force said...

Haha, Annie! Not in the next one, but maybe the one after that??? Wouldn't that be quite something? I have a plan for him in the next book that will raise his profile SUBSTANTIALLY in the party. Looking forward to that.

krisgils33 said...

hey! I want props for suggesting the "ass clown" phrase!!!! >:-P

Marie Force said...

Absolutely, Kris!

Joy said...

I'm curious to see who you or other readers picture when reading these characters... any celebrities you envision playing these people when you write? It always make it seem more vivid to me to place a familiar face into the story.

Joy said...

I love the ass clown title... might have to start adopting that in my everyday vocabulary. Sadly, I do come across them.

Marie Force said...

A while back we did some casting for the roles of Sam and Nick, but I'd love to think what everyone else thinks before I give you the choices we came up with. So go forth and cast the Fatal Affair movie!

And yes, sadly I think there are far too many ass clowns walking free out there. :-)

krisgils33 said...

Back to what you said earlier about Christina and Sam forging more of a "friendship". I kinda like that Sam is jealous of the time she spends with Nick. Sam is such a kick-ass female that those glimpses of vulnerability really make her more human. Do you visualize it like this or is it something I dreamed in my own non-writer brain?

Lisa Filipe said...

I am definitely going through Fatal withdrawl right know how much I love my fatal series. I'm not sure my heart can take anything else happening to Sam or Nick...they love each other so much I hate to see either of them in pain. Fatal was a heartbreaker for made the pain so real for us with what happened to Sam.
I really enjoyed the side story with Gonzo and Christina and Freddie and Elin, love all the drama...But I am most excited for the Wedding of the Year with Fatal Destiny....September is too far away!!

Keep up the amazing writing have a fan for life!!

Marie Force said...

Yes, I do see it that way, Kris. For sure. she hates that she's jealous of Christina, but there you have it. Christina is also a perky little blonde and Sam feels like an Amazon next to her, which is another reason for Sam to dislike her! Sam knows it's petty to be jealous, and I think she'd probably actively hate Christina if it wouldn't cause trouble between her and Nick. I can see some head-butting down the road when Sam doesn't agree with career choices Christina is encouraging for Nick. It would be fun to put him in the middle of that.

You all are making me want to dive right into the next one when I've just barely finished the last one!

Lisa Filipe said...

I think Fatal Affair is still mt was where we met Sam and Nick and watched as they fell in love...nothin better than that!!

Marie Force said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad you enjoy the series. I never get tired of hearing from readers who tell me they love Sam and Nick and their supporting cast. I knew you guys were out there who'd want to make a commitment to a series about the same couple. I'm just glad I found a publisher who agreed! :-)

Marie Force said...

My sister-in-law read Fatal Affair when she was here this week and really loved it. I had to print out Justice for her before she left because she was hooked and doesn't have a Kindle--yet. :-)

Marie Force said...

And now.... for the first time.... a preview of Chapter 1 of Fatal Destiny!

Marie Force said...

I'm seeing that it didn't come through sooo

Copy it into your browser without the space before Fatal

Laura said...

Hi Marie,
Absolutely love your Fatal series, and can't get enough of Sam, Nick and the rest of the crew. Really enjoyed Gonzo and Christina in Consequences. And Jeannie, absolutely heart wrenching!!
I have a theory about Stahl and can't wait to see how that story pans out.
Am also interested to see who everyone else would 'cast' in the fatal series. I kinda see Sam as Kate Beckett from Castle. Still undecided about Nick yet.

Your Fatal series has everything I love in a good story and I can't wait for more!!! Is it not September 5th yet???

StephanieJS said...

Wow! I loved the Fatal Destiny excerpt! Thanks for sharing it. I can't wait for Sept 5 to get here.

Marie Force said...

Okay I have to hear your theory about Stahl! Let it rip! Maybe you will inspire an idea or two for future installments. :-) Thanks so much for reading! I can see Sam as a Kate Beckett type from Castle for sure. There's been a new series featured on ads where the female cop tells the cabbie to put out his smoke and when he doesn't do it, she shows him her gun. That's something Sam would do! :-)

Stephanie, so glad you liked the excerpt! YAY!

Joy said...

AAAAAARRRRGHHHHH! MORE MORE MORE!!!! You are such a tease ;P

Lindsey & Terry?? Hmmmmmm :)

Marie Force said...

Soon, soon! I promise! Sept 5 will be here before you know it!

Lindsey and Terry.... hmmm hmmm hmmm!

Amy said...

Holy Mackerel! That spoiler chapter is absolutely heart breaking. Way to tease, Marie...

Laura said...

My theory about Stahl, is that he had something to to with Skip's shooting. I don't know maybe he isn't that evil but he certainly gives off that vibe, and he wants Sam gone!

Marie Force said...

Sorry to be such a tease! BUT, I will say it was fun to write a bump in the road for Sam and Nick. So much happens to them so quickly that it took a lot of fortitude on both their parts to repair that rift. So you guys can look forward to seeing how they do it. :-)

Marie Force said...

I've sort of toyed with that idea myself. Not sure if it will go anywhere. We'll have to see what Sam uncovers. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

What I dislike the most about contemporary romantic series is the lack of development (longitudinally) between the characters. I long for little tidbits about what they are doing and how their relationship has progresss. That's a bit of a back-handed compliment, but it's what I like best about the Fatal Series. We not only get Sam and Nick, but Freddie and Elin, Christina and Gonzo, and Skip and Celia. And throw in the idea of episodic mysteries on top of the more long-term mysteries (Who shot Skip?), and it's a recipe for addiction.

I guess I'm glad that Nick and Sam are having a bump in the road. That's the nature of real relationships. It's in working through the bumps together that one can generate more emotional intimacy. (How's that for a Dr. Phil moment?)

Jenn said...

Sept 5th is too far away!!! Thanks for the teaser... Can't wait for the next 2 books! Oh and any chance you will post the pictures of the winning details when Fatal Destiny is released? I know it's in the book...

Alison said...

I shouldn't have read the excerpt! Now I am more impatient than ever for September!

Marie Force said...

Well stated Amy (AKA Dr. Phil!) LOL! I try to write the kind of books I like to read, and the fact that you guys like them is such a BONUS! Thanks for reading and for coming by today!

Jenn, the winning choices for all the wedding items will start being revealed here on August 22 with all new prizes and giveaways leading up to the wedding novella on Sept. 5. So make sure to check back here starting Aug. 22 and every day until Sept. 5 to see what won and what will be featured in the novella!

Allison--it'll be here before you know it! Promise!

Jenn said...

oh cool! Thanks. Sorry if I missed or had forgotten that before.

oklanannie said...

I keep reminding myself you gotta get through the bad stuff before the really really good stuff arrives! That's what I'm telling myself after reading the "teaser."

Wow - when I asked about Dr. McNamara, I didn't realize you had already swept her to the forefront and with TERRY!!! I think this may be a really good matchup - and I'm so proud of Nick for giving Terry a chance. Now let's now let him screw it up!

I admit I've let my mind wander into icky yucky territory where Lt. Stahl is not only mean and nasty but evil and no good! Where he serves only one purpose and that is whatever gets him what he wants! Ummm - maybe he didn't actually shoot Skip but I'm thinking he's front and center in this mess and becoming a "fatal"-ity may be just too good for him.

That said, I'm really getting excited and can't wait for more!! Thanks for the tease!

Tara - Congratulations on your win!

krisgils33 said...

why do authors get such evil pleasure out of tormenting us with the teasers?

it's not right, i tell ya.

The Brewers said...

I bought this series for my sisters and my mom....they all love the books!! We seriously can't wait for Fatal Destiny....when I finish the books, I get the same feeling I get when the family reunion is over and all the company's like this void and I really miss the characters(my husband thinks I need It says something about the author because it doesn't happen with every book I read (it does with every one of yours) you have an amazing talent that makes me fall into the book--I laugh, I cry, I get anxious, and angry, and excited....what an amazing talent you have!! Thank you for sharing that talent and creating these characters and these stories that make me wish each book was as thick as 'War and Peace'!!

Jane said...

I haven't read this series yet, but that will be remedied soon.

Tara said...

WOW, thanks Marie for the GC, I'll send you an email.

I go to a yucky long conf call and return to a win, and an amazing teaser chapter.....Sept can't get here soon enough.

How could I forget Scotty. I love him and can't wait to see his relationship grow with Nick and Sam and how it impacts the Sam and Nick relationship also.

I loved the teaser chapter, please tell me it's not all about the wedding and we get a peak into the honeymoon also?

Thanks again, Marie!

Anonymous said...


I may have missed this, but in what format will the novella be released? Kindle? Pdf on your website? Just curious. September 5th is my anniversary, so I plan to spend the day away from my husband and reading about Nick and Sam.

NicolesBlueEyes said...

Can't wait until Sept 5th... I will be on vacation and the new book out... can't get much better than that!

Lisa Filipe said...

Really....Marie you are killin me with this excerpt. Fatal Destiny is going to require tissues right??

Aly said...

It is no secret that I love mean the Fatal Series. Marie has done such an absolutely FANTABULOUS job of creating great characters - primary & secondary - as well as story lines that are interesting and keep me guessing.

Not to mention the amount of times I want to throw my Kindle across the room b/c I think I have it figured out and then The Author Lady throws the story in a direction I never saw coming! Nothing is better in a Romantic Suspense than an author that can keep you guessing :)

And Fatal thinks you will all love it! The wedding scenes are so marvelous...

Susan said...

Love your books!

Judy F said...


I still need to read the 2nd book sigh. I suck. I hope to get to them soon. Promise.

Kara C said...

Hey Marie!
Just dropping by in between all day meetings and school's open house this evening to say congrats again on the FC release and the success of the series. The books just keep getting better and better - Fantastic and Fabulous even, don't ya think? :-)
Sam is way, WAY high on my list of book heroines. Gotta love her.
Ok, darting off to see my school kiddos. I will be sure to check in later!

Marie Force said...

I'm glad you are intrigued by the match if Lindsey and Terry. I had fun writing the start of their story in Flaw. It will unfold in future books as we go forward. It was fun getting to know both of them better.

I guess we are just MEAN that way! :-) I thought you weren't going to read it? LOL

Wow, what a lovely post. Thank you so much for that. I'm so honored that you feel that way about my books and that you've shared them with your family. Thank you for that! Tell your hubby these are REAL people to us! I'll see what I can do to reach War & Peace length for you. :-) Thanks so much for the kind words. Really, it means a lot to me.

Hope you enjoy the series! Be sure to let me know what you think! :-)

Yay for you on the gift card! Glad it brightened your day. As for Scotty, yes, I am so enjoying having him join the cast. It's so great to see Nick paying it forward with a kid who reminds him so much of himself at that age. I can't wait for you guys to read what happens between them in Flaw. Sigh.... (That's mean, right? Sorry!) The honeymoon happens off camera, but there are references to it in Flaw and you will get to partake of the wedding night. :-) I've thought about a short story featuring the honeymoon. Anyone interested?

It will be released by Carina for sure, and I'm waiting to hear the details on the other platforms. No word yet! Will be sure to let you know when I hear. Happy anniversary to you! Make sure to give your hubby some attention that day too. Sam and Nick shouldn't get ALL of your time (well, yes, they should... haha)

Nicole, I'm so glad the release coincides with your vacation. I planned it that way. :-)

Lisa, you may need a few tissues with Destiny....

LOL, Aly. You made Nick blush with that comment. Sam, Nick and I are very pleased that you enjoyed the wedding so much. Thanks for the endorsement!

Thank you so much, Susan!

Judy, the beauty of ebooks is they are forever. Sam and Nick will still be there when you get back to them!

Kara, back to school already? Didn't summer vacation just get started? Sigh... Thanks for taking time out of your day to come join the fun at book club!

Did I miss any questions? Please repost if I did! I was multi-tasking like crazy today!

Marie Force said...

Winner of the second $25 gift card to Amazon or B&N is.....


Email me at to claim your prize!

Jolene and Family said...

Great excerpt, thanks for sharing you tease :)

SiNn said...

I love this series i cant wait for th Destiny to come out or more so so i can read it

Tara said...

YES, YES, YES, to a short story covering the honeymoon!

StephanieJS said...

I would love to read a short story of Sam & Nick's honeymoon!

Marie Force said...

I'll have to give that some thought, Stephanie!

oklanannie said...

I'm ALWAYS ready for another sneak peek, teaser, novella, short story, whatever label you want to put on it - anything related to the "Fatal" series. Just please don't call it "Fatal Honeymoon" -- it might give us all cardiac arrest.

Amy said...

Oooooo! Yes, please to ANY coverage of the honeymoon! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I can wait to get back to this series and read Fatal Consequences. Had to read a few that came off waitling list local library. I read 2 of those a month but buy the rest. In the meantime I recommend M. Force books to many ppl and sites including links to her site. Great reads!

Marie Force said...

LOL on Fatal Honeymoon, Anne. That would give NICK a heart attack!

LOL, Amy! I'll see what comes to mind, but no promises. :-)

Anon, thanks so much for reading and for recommending my books to others! That's so nice of you.

Anonymous said...

whoo gret party book lol
great cover, congrats on the new releaes
please count me in
kim h