Saturday, February 13, 2010

Write, Edit, Revise, Repeat

Whoo, it's been all about revisions over here this week. For a variety of reasons, I've had to get up close and personal with six of my already written books this week. At various times, my eyes have felt like bloody meatballs that were going to fall right out of my head! As I've mentioned before, most of my writing work gets done at night after the day job and kids are attended to, so by the time I get to it, my eyes have already put in a long day. This week they were particularly challenged.

A lot of writers complain about revisions. I don't mind them. Usually whatever is being suggested makes the book stronger. I am always in favor of that! Since I don't do critique groups or critique partners, this feedback is invaluable and always welcome. My usual process when receiving a revision letter is to do nothing for the first few hours. I just think. And plan. And process. Usually what needs to be done is fairly clear by the time I dive in and it never takes me all that long to revise. At least it hasn't so far... I'm sure my day is coming.

Going back and re-reading already-written books is like spending time with old friends. I always enjoy that. Because a big part of my writing process involves re-reading what I've already written and because I'm a trained copy editor, my first drafts are usually pretty clean. So when I go back to re-read long after I've finished a book I'm usually reading for story more than grammar. Sometimes I've forgotten exactly what happens next, so plot twists and turns can be surprising to me (which I hope means they would be surprising to readers, too!)

So that's what I've been up to this week. Read. Read. Read. Revise. Revise. Revise. Not much writing got done—at least not enough to bother reporting it on the sidebar. But it was a week well spent.

What've you been up to? Any plans for Valentine's Day? My friends Emily Bryan and Dalton Diaz and I will be participating in a Valentine's author event at the Duxbury Public Library in Duxbury, MA tomorrow at 2 p.m. It's free and open to the public. Come on by and say hello!


Aimee Hadley said...

It sounds as if you are keeping busy which is always in my opinion a wonderful thing!

Valentine's Day...My hubby surprised me by telling me he's gonna take me to The Melting's a 3 or 4 hour meal of fondue and we just LOVE, cheese and let me say this was all the emphasis i have --- CHOCOLATE fondue :)

Have a great Valentine's!

Mary G said...

Hey Marie
Love the idea of all those books to look forward too. It's along weekend here too in Ontario. Just looking forward to time off.
Happy Valentines Day.

Judy F said...

Hey Marie. I just got home from Readers Appreciation day at my local Barnes and Noble. Its always a fun time. Lots of local authors, Lori Foster, LuAnn Mclane, Kay Stockham, Toni Blake, Shiloh Walker, Susan Crandall and Toni Blake plus many others. I didn't win any door prizes but it was still fun.

Tomorrow no real plans expect maybe the grocery store. Another snow storm is coming sunday night. JOY>

Marie Force said...

Ooooh, fondue. That sounds so yummy! Enjoy that!

Let's hope there are more books to come! Fingers crossed!

Sounds like a fabulous group of authors. Lucky you to live so close to such a fun bunch of writers. Hope you do something fun tomorrow! Emily has better plans than I do and she's only 14. LOL! Dinner at the b'friend's house.