Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Stretch and Other Musings

I'm closing in on the finish of my latest work in progress, Fool for Love, which is the sequel to Maid for Love, now on submission. Some question the wisdom of writing book 2 before book 1 has sold. Well, for me, it's a matter of maintaining my already fragile sanity. With a full-time job, two busy kids and a writing career to tend to every day, I'd rather write a book that might not sell that have to write one with a gun to my head. So far I've dodged the nightmare known as writing to deadline, and I'm okay with that. I'm sure my day is coming, but for now, I'm living off my reserves.

I mentioned on Facebook that I've just been through a brutal judging cycle, during which I rated 8 Rita books (RWA's best published contest) and 8 Golden Heart entries (RWA's unpublished contest) as well as the Between the Sheets contest (love scenes) and two critiques for my local chapter. While I love to judge and critique, this was WAY more than I can handle. It kept me from any meaningful output on my work in progress for a couple of weeks. I've discovered that I can't fight the "not-in-the-mood-to-write" moods that strike every now and then. I used to freak out because I worried that my muse had left me, but now I know she takes a vacation every now and then, but she always comes back. Today, for the first time in a while, I feel charged to write. So back I go to Fool for Love and the sprint to the finish.

Who is watching American Idol? The judges go through an awful lot to get to the final 24 but I think they're a pretty mundane lot this year. No real standouts like there were last year. I like Crystal, the girl with the dreads, and the guy Kara is lusting after. Otherwise, not all that interested.

Speaking of not interested, who cares about the Bachelor finale? Not me. I grow to dislike him more with every passing week. Don't really care for either of the remaining girls, but I howled when one of the other girls said Tenley probably dreams in Disney moves and shits rainbows. That was SO funny (and so TRUE!) Vienna just comes across as an opportunist and kinda skanky. If he picks her, he deserves her. Reality Steve gave away the ending weeks ago, and so far he's been spot on. I guess we'll find out Monday. Yawn. I am looking forward to Jason and Molly's wedding. I've always liked her and he's grown on me over time, even after his disastrous handling of his finale.

Looking forward to the figure skating finale tonight! How can we not all root for the Canadian skater who lost her mother? What a trooper! What's been your favorite part of the Olympics? For me, it's sitting on the sofa watching skiers fly through the air while telling my family, "What's the big deal? I could do that!" :-)


Judy F said...

Congrats on the writing. I hope it gets picked up by someone. I wanna read them.

I have never watched the Batchelor. Too weird for me.

I love watching the Olympics esp the things I could never ever do.

Mary G said...

Hi Marie
I doubt you'll ever lose your muse. Okay to break once in a while & refresh. That skater's story was something. You just know her mother wanted her to go on. She said she felt like her mom was propping her up.
I love the ski jumping & the snowboarding & of course hockey if the Canadians can win it. I'm tired of all this "win the podium" thing - that Canadians didn't win enough medals. I think that if you can represent the country in your sport, you already have something to be proud of. You are still an "Olympian". Yeah it's better to win but geez talk about pressure.

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Judi. ME TOO! They are both fun books! I really love how they've come together, and I've laid the groundwork for book 3, too. The Bachelor is SO weird, but I love it anyway. Not so much this season, but it will be over on Monday!

Hi Mary, thanks for allowing my muse to take a break. :-) I appreciate that (and so does she!) I am watching Bob Costas with the Canadian skater, and she is so gutsy. Proud of her. She has a rough road ahead. I agree about too much pressure on the Canadian athletes. They have done a fantastic job!