Monday, February 8, 2010

Reader Mail

One of my favorite parts of my writing journey is meeting and hearing from satisfied readers. I get lovely emails from readers who've connected with my characters and my stories, and this is ALWAYS thrilling. Sometimes, however, you get one of those emails that really hits you where you live. Today, I received one of those mesages from Aimee in Michigan, who asked me to add her to my mailing list after she enjoyed both books. I asked how she came upon my books, and this is what she said:

I have always enjoyed reading however in March of last year I was ill and in some pain and my husband bought the dvd and subsequentially the books of The Twilight Saga, and became immersed in romance novels from that point forward. The characterizations, the intriguing plots, the sense of humor, the angst. I began reading JR Ward, Sherilyn Kenynon, Lisa Kleypas among many others. While looking for some different types of books to read on a recent trip to mexico to celebrate my wedding anniversary - I found Love at First Flight and went to Amazon to check out some reviews and thought it sounded interested and light hearted. Usually I can set a book down but with your book - I was immersed, enthralled and just dying to know what would happen next. I just was invested in your characters - it's a rare thing...It's only happened for me personally a few times. Next I read "Line of Scrimmage" and what did i find but the same thing!!! You have this wonderful ability to make the reader engaged and fully invested in your characters. I was hooked by chapter one and actually rooting for your hero in so many different ways! As a side note, it was the first time my husband did not make fun of my books because he was SUCH a big fan of football - I would ask him football related questions and he kept saying "I like this one." It was some good fun in our household.

Something about Twilight made me find my love of reading again - there are SO many fans out there that lost the love of a good romance paranormal or contemporary :) and I'm thrilled to have found yours!!! I have added reviews to amazon and will be spreading the world via twitter and Facebook about your books!

Isn' t that so sweet? Thank you, Aimee. As I said in our emails, you made my day, my week, and my month!


Judy F said...

that is wonderful Marie that you get great feedback like that. Don't you wish more people would stress the good in things more.

(can you tell I have an evil boss)

Seriously Kudos

Marie Force said...

Yes, Judy, it sure does make all the work worthwhile. It would be great if more people took the time to share the love. I agree!

Sorry about your boss. That's tough. :-(

Marie Force said...

I meant to say--share the love with each other--not necessarily with me. HAHA!! But I'll take all the love I can get.


Mary G said...

So nice to read that Marie.

Marie Force said...

Thanks Mary! I loved it of course! :-)

Sheila Deeth said...

What a lovely letter! Congratulations!

Marie Force said...

Thanks for letting me share with with you, Sheila!