Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Club: The Bachelor by Carly Phillips

By: Hope Frost

Hello wenches, Marie & Carly. Sorry I won't be able to pop in today, we are traveling to California for a karate tournament. I am so thankful that Carly has agreed to stop in and say hi, answer some questions, and give away some loot (books). Thanks Carly for taking time to visit with us, you will find that the girls, for the most part, are on their best behavior, but we try to discourage that lol. Ya'll have a great day, enjoy the time talking about The Bachelor, and the rest of the series too. Have a wonderful weekend.

About the book:
Foreign correspondent Roman Chandler has always prized his freedom above all else. Now losing a coin toss has sealed this youngest brother’s fate. Finding someone to escort down the aisle is the easy part—every wannabe bride in sleepy Yorkshire Falls is itching to get hitched to this gorgeous, globe-trotting Chandler man. But Roman still lusts after the woman who got away. Stunning heartbreaker Charlotte Bronson has come home to put down roots and get her erotic lingerie business off the ground. She wants a man that won’t go chasing off to the far corners of the earth for a breaking news story. He wants her to say “I do.”

Hope's Thoughts:
Roman Chandler is called home from his work as an AP reporter to look after his mother. She has been taken to the hospital thinking that she is having a heart attack. (turns out is was really indigestion, but she used this and her doctor's confidentiality to fool her sons and convince them to marry) Roman and his brothers flip a coin to see who should marry and have a child to fill their mothers fondest wish. Roman loses the toss and has to find a wife and quick.

Charlotte is a girl from Roman's high school days that he really liked but broke his heart. She has returned to town to start a lingerie shop. When she sees Roman outside her shop she about faints. She had never forgotton Roman and only broke his heart to protect her own.

Going to dinner with her friend she sees Roman there with his brothers and tries to avoid him at all costs. But when she comes out of the ladies room he is there waiting. After a little nibble and kiss he lets her know that he wants to see her again. She is afraid for the very same reasons that bothered her before. But isn't sure that she can stay away from him.

This book is great. Carly Phillips was able to get the perfect combo of comedy and romance plus the dynamics of the family. After losing a bet Roman must find a bride and have a baby, simple right? Well even if your the town's most handsome eligible men, something has to go wrong. Roman is accused of being a Panty Thief, it's a hilarious tale of bad timing, family bonds, and love (maybe a little lust).

Recipe To Share:

Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina
1 cup pastina pasta (or any small pasta)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup cubed chicken breast (1-inch cubes)
1/2 cup diced onion (about 1/2 a small onion)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes with juice
1 cup shredded mozzarella
1/4 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan
1 tablespoon butter, plus more for buttering the baking dish
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the pasta and cook until just tender, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes. Drain pasta into a large mixing bowl.

Meanwhile, put the olive oil in a medium saute pan over medium heat. Add the chicken and cook for 3 minutes. Add the onions and garlic, stirring to combine, and cook until the onions are soft and the chicken is cooked through, about 5 minutes more. Put the chicken mixture into the bowl with the cooked pasta. Add the canned tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, parsley, salt, and pepper. Stir to combine. Place the mixture in a buttered 8 by 8 by 2-inchbaking dish. In a small bowl mix together the bread crumbs and the Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle over the top of the pasta mixture. Dot the top with small bits of butter. Bake until the top is golden brown, about 30 minutes.


Marie Force said...

Morning everyone! Looking forward to today's chat!

desere_steenberg said...

Morning everyone !

Marie thank you for a lovely post and Carly thank you for joining us and thank you for a stunning giveaway! The book sounds stunning! I cant wait to read it.

South Africa

carly phillips said...

Thank God for Twitter reminding me to be here, LOL. The Bachelor was my very first single title after writing Harlequin Temptations and Blazes ... I barely remember details so this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane for me! Thanks for having me and reading The Bachelor!

Marie Force said...

Thanks for coming by. I'm in the same boat--I read the series when it first came out so I needed Hope's refresher, too!

krisgils33 said...

Morning all,
Safe travels, Hope.
And Marie, this is for you--;;;;;;;;;

I read this book so long ago and was not able to get a re-read in, but I remember it being very funny and enjoyable. I love a hero who sets his eye on the prize but then bumbles his way into getting it!!

How is little Fenway doing?? Any idea what's on tap after the Hot Zone re-issues?

Cindy L said...

Hi Carly! This is a perfect time for me to reread The Bachelor. I only keep books that I like enough to revisit and this was one of them!

BADklv said...

Good Morning Carly & Marie!
I haven't read this one yet, but it's on my "to read" list. I've read quite a few raving reviews so it just a matter of time for me!

Thanks for the new recipe!

carly phillips said...

Can I set this up to send me alerts with new comments?

Marie Force said...

There's a box you can check to subscribe to the comments below where you sign in. Do you see it?

Mel S said...

I rememeber the name of this book but i don't remember all the yummy details:) I will have to find it in my stash! I keep my favorite authors & you are one of those! Thanks for all the fun reads & Thank you for sharing your 'world' with us!

What books do you have in the works?

Have a wonderful day!


xiaguan at att dot net

carlyphillips said...

Yes if I use google ...

carlyphillips said...

Sorry for this - test

smiles said...

Sounds like a good book, will have to look for it.

Ronlyn said...

Look at all of you up at at'em early this morning!
Hope didn't realize until Monday that she'd be travelling today for her son's karate stuff (at least I think that's why she's travelling) so she sent me some questions to pass along to Carly:

Book questions:
I love the boys mom, she was feisty and knew what she wanted and how to get it. Was the boys mom based on anyone you know?

Why did you choose for Charlotte to open a lingerie shop?

When you started the series with Roman, did you already have the other two boys figured out or did they surprise you?

Paula R said...

Hey Carly! The Bachelor is one of my faves of yours. Just about done re-reading the Chandler series...on The Playboy right now. Roman Chandler is so yummy. Love the whole family, and his mom is something else. Loved Charlotte's character too.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Alison said...

Good Morning everyone!!

I finished my re-read of the Bachelor yesterday! Such a fun story!

I love the Chandler boys! They are super sexy AND good to their mom!! Raina is something else...pretending to have a bad heart so her boys will get married and give her grand kids!

The Panty Pilferer story was hilarious...esp when one of the women snuck into Roman's bed NAKED! Yowsa! LOL!!

I loved how Roman decided Charlotte was the ONE and took steps to make it happen. I also loved that Charlotte was willing to got to Roman down once she and her family started working out their issues.

Carly, how did you come up with these characters? Are any of them based on real people?

Minx Malone said...

I loved, loved, LOVED the Chandler boys. Especially their scheming mama :)

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

Morning everyone, I should be getting my kids up and ready for school, but here I am on the computer with my coffee :) OOPS

My first set of Carly Phillips books I picked up were the Lucky series and was hooked on all things Carly! I'm making my way through her book list and having so much fun. I actually first picked up the last two books in the series and just a couple days ago I finally got my hands on The Bachelor and can now read them back to back. This sounds like such a fun read

carly phillips said...

How is little Fenway doing?? Any idea what's on tap after the Hot Zone re-issues? >>

Kris, Fenway is now named Brady (LONG story - still Boston related as in Tom Brady) and he's great! Such a sweet good puppy!

What books do you have in the works?

Mel, in the works:
Reissuing three old "Karen Drogin" books under my Carly Phillips name - soon - as eBooks. Updated info will be on my and on my website - as I know things!

And a brand new series - which in its serious way reminds me of the Bachelor series - called SERENDIPITY starting in September for Berkley!

carly phillips said...

Has anyone been able to find the Bachelor series in stores lately? Online? Or just in eBook? Curious!

carly phillips said...


Raina wasn't based on anyone I know. The entire series idea - 3 adult men w/a mom who fakes illness because she wants grandchildren was the brainchild of editor Maggie Crawford. All the details and execution was all me and my imagination ;)


It happened to work with the story! I came up with it one day while brainstorming with my critique partner, Janelle Denison! I still remember the conversation, LOL.


I had a basic idea of all 3 brothers. I also knew I wanted Chase, the one who raised them all, to have his story last, after the last 2 were settled (Hearbreaker). Chase surprised me most, I would say. :)

carly phillips said...


I would have to say pure imagination. I honestly don't recall basing anyone on people I know! Good thing or they'd probably kill me! ;)

carly phillips said...

I think I'm caught up but tell me if I forgot any earlier questions!

Thanks everyone for reading, rereading, going to read or saying you are, liking, not liking, my books :)

Marie, thanks for having me. It's so generous of you to do a book club on your blog!

ShellyE said...

This sounds like a great read! I have Hot Stuff in my TBR mountain, so I will definitely have to check out The Bachelor!! Recommends from this book club are always right on the money!!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Carly! The book club has been SO fun. We've been at it every week for about six months and have had some fantabulous authors come through! Lots of fun.

I always like to hear the "journey" stories. How you became a fiction writer, your path to publication, anything fun you wish to share about that. And can we talk about the favor Kelly Ripa did you by raving about the Bachelor on Live? :-) We all need a Kelly Ripa in our lives! Do tell!

carly phillips said...

I definitely didn't think I was getting away with NOT talking about Kelly Ripa :)

Here's a life story - a celebrity can give you 15 minutes of fame and "make" a career - IN PERCEPTION ONLY - the rest of it is up to you - and let me tell you there is good, bad, and ugly - for me as well as anyone else in this business.

Think of how many authors Kelly highlighted. Do you think of all of them the same way you think of me? I'm curious. It was such a phenomenon for me. I do think the fact that she didn't just pick it but kept discussing the "hot" factor for weeks and weeks leading up to the big day, made a HUGE difference for me.

To this day I will always be grateful ... (more to come - I lost one post and can't duplicate so breaking this one up in cae <g.)

carly phillips said...

I will always be grateful to Kelly. She absolutely made my career. But afterwards, living up to that was all but impossible no matter how hard I worked, how much I spent on PR and Promotion, and frankly I lost years of myself afterwards trying.

It wasn't until I LET IT ALL GO - seriously - put it behind me last year, left Harlequin went to Berkley, that i got back to the love of writing for ME. And THAT is soooo rewarding!

The past years were great too! But I always felt like I wasn't measuring up.

No, you didn't ask about all this. I'll stop now. Suffice it to say, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And a lot of lessons, good and bad, were learned!

carly phillips said...

The Journey, hmm?

In a nutshell? 7 plus years to get published, 10 completed, rejected, revised, rejected = ad nauseum - manuscripts until I sold. My break was when Brenda Chin read a partial of Perfect Partners and loved the book - 18 months later and many many revisions of the completed manuscript - they ultimately rejected b/c it was too family oriented - exactly the revisions they asked for, so I did see this coming. In retrospect it was the best thing that ever happened b/c if they'd bought it, I never would have understood what Temptation was going towards which was hot, sexy and Brazen, which I ultimately sold to Brenda in 1998.

At the same time (a month later) I sold Perfect Partners to Kensington Bouquet ... and the career started.

Marie Force said...

Oh definitely, Carly, it's not about the break so much as what you do with it. I think luck is the convergence of opportunity and preparation. Clearly you were prepared to hit it hard once luck opened that door for you and your success is all yours! You're right--I don't remember anyone else she mentioned, but I do remember how much she loved The Bachelor, and as a reader of romance I was thrilled to have someone with her audience promoting romance rather than the lofty (and often dry as toast) books Oprah was promoting.

New question--you mentioned a foray into self-pubbing. That's very exciting. I've self-pubbed three of my unsold books and the results have been ASTONISHING. No other word for it. I'm wondering about your thinking behind taking that step at this point in your career. I'm highly curious about what everyone thinks of this brave new world in publishing. Personally, I'm thrilled to have options for getting books to readers in ways we never could've imagined even a year or two ago.

Marie Force said...

Your path sounds a lot like mine--I sold my 7th book, then no. 3, then no. 8. :-) I am self-pubbing a few that never saw the light of day but I always believed my readers would like them as much as anything I'd had published. Turns out I was right about that!

Marie Force said...

Very interesting about the expectations that came with the big break. Nothing is ever as it seems, is it? And nothing about writing is easy. You still have to produce and you have to continuously try to top yourself.

I'm so glad you were able to get back to the love of writing. Sometimes the business of it sucks the love for the craft right out of us. That's something I am working very hard to keep from happening in my own career. Eyes on the words. The rest is just noise!

carly phillips said...

I've always been honest about myself. The one thing I said the day after I got "The Call" was - I'm not better a writer now than I was the day before. Everyone who works hard deserves their shot. It's just not fair that not everyone gets it.

And I hope there was no bitterness in my comments because I wouldn't trade the pick for the entire world. I loved it, I was and am a huge Kelly fan and so it was equally exciting on a personal level - back then it stemmed from her All My Children years!

Marie Force said...

Not at all, I knew exactly what you meant.

I agree about wishing everyone who deserved a break got one. I think we will see more of the overlooked writers gaining an audience on their own now that they have options to reach readers without publishers.

carly phillips said...

ePublishing - man, the world has changed, hasn't it?

PLEASE visit TODAY - for my take on epublishing my older books - and I'll come back here and talk some more about it But coincidentally I blogged about it there today!

Course I wouldn't mind if you posted there too, LOL!

desere_steenberg said...

Hi Carly,

The page has finaly let me back in I have a question for you , where does the inspiration for your books come from ?

I remember reading Simply Sensual it was the one that got me hooked onto your books !

Marie Force said...

Funny, I read that post at Plot Monkeys this AM when you mentioned it on Twitter. With your following, you will do VERY well with those new offerings. Did you have to clear that with your publisher?

krisgils33 said...

I love the Plot Monkeys and it's one of the few I try to always follow. Though I'm a traditional paperback girl at heart, I am grateful for the gaining popularity of the e-pub world. Makes me incredibly happy to have an author I love have the ability to continue publishing their stories. Looking forward to picking up the Karen Drogin books!!

Sue Galuska said...

This book started my obsession with Carly Phillips books! I have read every one of her books except 2 and that is because I haven't been able to find copies of them yet.

I just loved the Chandler brothers. They were all very relatable! Sure wish there were more brothers!

Tara said...

Happy Thursday everyone!

Carly thanks for joining us and Hope, thanks for hosting and the great recipe.

I have to admit, I have not read this book, yet. Another one to add to my TBR pile. But I love the premise of mom pretending to be ill to get her sons married so she get's grandkids. Love that idea.

I need to jump over and read the article on self publishing. The New Yorker did an article about a year ago on this topic and Amazon. It was a great article to check out also.

Need to jump back to work. Have a great day everyone and thanks for another great book club!

Tara said...

I forgot to ask my question....

Carly and Marie, which of your books is your favorite?


oklanannie said...

Hope everyone is enjoying a sunny spring day like me!!

Loved "The Bachelor" and all its liveliness. I'm particularly fond of mom's determination (however undertaken) to get her boys married! Those Chandler boys rank high on the "hero" meter! Great series that I've read more than once. Of course, I'm delighted by the news on the new "Serendipity" series coming soon from Carly.

Great review, Hope! Also, thanks for the new addition to the recipes-to-try collection. Waving to Marie!! And many thanks to Carly Phillips for stopping in to visit and answer questions.

Marie Force said...

Whoo, this turned into a busy day at work! Whoa! You gotta love spring. Our annual meeting is the second week in July so life gets insane from now until about then. And I have a book due July 30 that I haven't really started yet. Serenity Now!

Anyway, Tara, my favorite of all my books is one that isn't published (hopefully) yet. My agent and I are getting ready to put it out on submission. It's called Treading Water, the ultimate book of my heart, my very first book, finished six years ago this May. Hopefully, I can sell it to a publisher but if not, you know what I will do with it and its two sequels. :-)

Paula R said...

Hey Carly, earlier said I was reading The really reading Chase's story. Was a little confused earlier. Dropped in at the jungle too. Can't wait to read the re-issues. Yep, gonna break down and get an e-reader.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

carly phillips said...

My inspiration? Everything anything. I'm sorry to be vague, a story just strike me or a character or an idea ...

No I didn't clear it with any publisher, I just won't put them out while I have another new book out!

My favorite? Right now it's the Serendipity series :)

Marie Force said...

Thanks so much for hanging out with us today! We really appreciate your time!

I'll pick a winner of your give away and get the info to you!

Hope you'll come back when your new book come out.

Ronlyn said...

so sorry I was MIA most of the day. It's been crazy around the day job today. BOO!

Mary G said...

I can't believe I missed Carly!!I own & have read all of Carly's books. Smart, funny writing. Great guys & smart mouth women - my faves.

Marie Force said...

Winner of a book from Carly's backlist is:


Contact me at to arrange for delivery.

Next week's book: Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard (who gave the FUNNIEST side-splitting speech at RWA a few years ago... OMG, I still laugh when I think about it). See you then!

Alison said...

WOOHOOO!!! Thank you Carly & Marie!!

Tara said...

Congrats, Alison! Enjoy!