Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love At First Flight: New Review

From Natalie at Wild on Books:

Love at First Flight

Marie Force

Juliana is on her way to see her boyfriend Jeremy. Michael is in the same airport waiting on a flight to take him to an engagement party being hosted by his soon to be in-laws. They strike up a conversation and promise to look for each other after the weekend is over to compare their visits on the flight home.

Juliana’s weekend goes nothing like she ever planned. Jeremy is just as she remembered him except for his admission that he has had thoughts of cheating. Juliana does her best to forgive him but when his cell phone rings while he is showering and a woman’s name pops up on the caller ID, Juliana knows that she and Jeremy need a break.

Michael’s time with his fiancée Paige and her parents is pure torture. Paige’s father is a military man through and though and as such, makes no qualms about trying to find Michael a job in Florida so that Michael and Paige can live close to home. When an announcement is made at the engagement party – one that Michael had not been notified about – he sees red. Enough is enough and Michael has had enough. Breaking off his engagement to Paige is the hardest thing he has ever done but it is something that had to happen. Now Michael can concentrate on the upcoming trial of two murderous mob bosses in peace.

Juliana and Michael see each other in the airport as planned and enjoy the flight home. What starts out as simple conversation with a stranger turns into something so much more and before Juliana and Michael know it, they are spending every waking moment together.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT is a captivating look at how two strangers can build a relationship of love and commitment. Juliana and Michael had no idea when they started talking before their flight that they would end up together. Michael was swamped at work with a trial to worry about – Juliana needed to be concerned about her boyfriend and her mother. Michael’s treatment of his fiancée Paige was infinitely better than I thought she deserved – especially after every single thing she put him through. I despised her from the first scene and never really warmed up to her. I found Paige to be selfish and the typical spoiled rich princess. Michael put up with her more than I would have and I caught myself trying to tell him how to handle her. As for Juliana, she was loyal to a fault but I never doubted her feelings for Michael – even with Jeremy still trying to win points with her and get back in her good graces.

When you add in the intrigue and suspense of Michael’s high profile trial, I found myself on the edge of my seat frantically reading to find out what happened. Realistic to the ‘nth’ degree, I could see the events unfolding in the courtroom and felt like I was right there to witness them.

The love Michael and Juliana felt for each other seemed to happen quickly and simultaneously but I never discredited their feelings. The love they found themselves sharing with each other was that of soul mates and it was exactly what each needed. They loved sensuously and every touch was full of emotion and caring. I found their exploration of each other to be fascinating and it was as if I was witnessing a realistic and committed relationship unfold.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT by Marie Force is most definitely a keeper. It is an astounding book. I loved every single word!

Thank you, Natalie!


Kendra Leigh Castle said...

YAY! Awesome review, Marie! My mom is totally getting this one so she can be off Reading Probation, LOL...and then I'm stealing it!

Marie Force said...

Haha Kendra on the probation!! Double secret probation. Hope you had a good time at the signing this weekend!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Terrific review, Marie! I know you're thrilled!

flchen1 said...

Woohoo! Congrats a terrific review, Marie! Can't wait to read this one! (The book, not the review ;))

Judy F said...

Congrats Marie awesome review. I wish this book would hurry and get here.

Marie Force said...

Thanks Judy! I got my author copies today and Amazon is showing it "in stock" so it should be any time now!! Enjoy!