Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love at First Flight: Another Review

From Connie at Once Upon a Romance:

For some time now, they’ve each been conducting long distant relationships…

Their flight has been delayed. Michael Maguire and Juliana Gregorio are both on their way to Jacksonville FL to see their significant others. He’s to attend his engagement party and she’s hoping for a romantic weekend with her long-time boyfriend. Michael and Juliana hit it off instantly. There’s an ease to their conversation as they talk about their jobs (he’s a prosecutor, she’s a hair stylist) and their lives.

The weekend turns out to be catastrophic for both of them. They commiserate on the plane back to Baltimore, but it doesn’t end there. Michael and Juliana’s lives entwine and connect in ways they never imagined.

Michael has been prepping for a high profile case. Juliana is attempting to work through her personal issues with confusion nipping at her heels. The pressure and stress is building. Add to that threats targeted at Michael, which seem to be coming from the defense. Danger follows them and catches up to them more than once, but they find comfort and strength in each other’s company and arms.

Unfortunately the trial isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. Michael’s ex-fiancée won’t give up and Juliana’s ex(ish)-boyfriend can’t seem to let her go. Once the trial is said and done, there are other decisions that will have to be made. Decisions that could break hearts and change lives.

I read this book in less than a twenty-four hour period. I can’t remember the last time a story held me as mesmerized as Love at First Flight; I couldn’t get enough and wanted more (though I could have done with out a select word used frequently). It’s a great story that knits together friendship and new-found love around bitter and sweet emotions, fear and sacrifice, and heartache and joy.

While the threats were real and seemingly around every corner, I appreciated how Ms. Force kept control of the situation, or perhaps it was just that her characters were mature, had their heads on straight. Michael and Juliana (most especially, which I was really thankful for) were always smart when it came to the threats, there were no impulsive actions, no stupid decisions. Finally, a heroine I could truly enjoy reading about.

Ms. Force pens so much more than a simple romance, her voice has that "certain something" which captivates the reader from first word to the last. She creates a story and characters the reader can embrace and cheer on whole-heartedly with a smile and a lump in the throat.

Thank you, Connie!


Judy F said...

Great. I hope these reviews really help your sales.

I am so anxious to read this book

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Judy! It's so exciting to have people I don't know respond so favorably to my stories. Look forward to hearing what you think! I'm blogging over at the Casablanca Blog tomorrow with more info about the exciting goings on. Come on by at