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Happily Forever After Gives L@FF 4.5 Stars

Love At First Flight is the tale of how a chance encounter can change the course of your life forever...

Michael is a handsome, young lawyer who has not only been managing his career, but a long distance relationship with his fiance, Paige. This story starts out where Michael--although in the midst of prosecuting a huge case--is called away to Florida to attend an engagement party. His engagement party to be exact, and one being thrown by his wealthy in laws. Never one for flashy parties, he's anything but thrilled about having to go. But is doing so to keep his fiance happy.

By chance, his flight is delayed, and while waiting to board he meets the one person who would change his life forever.

Juliana, a hairdresser (I'm diggin' the hairdresser bit *wink*) has also been dealing with a long distance relationship with her high School sweetheart, Jeremy. After nearly ten years together, Juliana has been feeling like something is seriously up with Jeremy's behavior lately. He's been acting strange on the phone and she's hoping that her current trip down to Florida will help settle any worries she might be having about their relationship and his feelings toward her.

While waiting to board the plane she meets, Michael and the two hit it off immediately and get to chatting. Michael is fascinated and scared of his immediate attraction to Juliana. Her beauty, her scent, her sweet disposition...He knows he loves his fiance and yet, he can't seem to figure out why he would be so attracted to this woman he just met.

They remain travel companions through the remainder of the flight. Sharing tales of how they are each coping with their long distance relationships and of their plans for the future.

Juliana is also instantly taken with Michael's charms. He's funny, kind and easy going. As luck would have it, during the course of their conversations they realize that they would be returning on the same flight at the end of the weekend. They agree to accompany each other back and share tales of how their weekend panned out.

The plane lands, and Michael and Juliana go their separate ways.

Over the course of the next two days both Juliana and Michael are forced to face some harsh realities. Michael realizes that if he is to go through with marrying Paige, he will never be free of his future father in laws grip, and of course Paige's never ending demands. He is a man who likes things simple. A nice house, a few kids, and with Paige as his wife, he knows nothing will ever be simple. Michael comes to the decision to call off his engagement.

Juliana is faced with a devastating betrayal and the realization that after years of talking about marriage and kids, her relationship with Jeremy may not be all she believed it was. Heart broken, she realizes that she and Jeremy need a break. Three months away from each other to see if they are truly meant to be together.

When Michael and Juliana meet up on the return flight home, what had began as a cordial companionship blossoms quickly into a trusting friendship. They understand each other's turmoil and in turn offer each other a shoulder to cry on.

But before long that friendship blossoms into a all consuming love. But Juliana is intent on keeping her promise to Jeremy, and when the time comes for Juliana to make her decision, will she choose the man who had loved her for as long as she can remember, or the man who is promising to love her forever?

Ms Force did a wonderful job of drawing you in to the story. She made it very realistic in the sense that not only did I fall madly in love with Michael, but she forces you to really feel for Jeremy (Juliana's first love). You are struggling inside as to which man you really want her to be with.

Here are two examples of what I mean:


They went upstairs to his room where he grabbed a heavy blanket and led her to the secluded roof deck. The lights of the city twinkled in the clear night sky as Michael drew her down next to him on the blanket. He tugged the shirt over her head and then did the same with his own.

Her eyes fixated on the engagement ring hanging from the chain around his neck.

"Do you think we can pretend?" he whispered reaching up to unhook the chain. "That just for tonight you're mine and this belongs right here?" Sliding the ring on to her finger he kissed his way up her neck. Page 216

Now Jeremy:

"You're the only one for me. You always have been, and you always will be. Don't stop loving me, Jule. I don't think I'd survive it." Page 267

My heart broke for both of them. And it isn't until the very end that it becomes perfectly clear who she was meant to be with all along.

My only issue while I read was that it seemed to take Juliana so long to make her decision. But in hind sight it makes complete sense. As I mentioned above, I was struggling with my own decision as to who she should choose, so how could the woman IN the situation not? LOL. Men, see what they do to us ;)

I will definitely be looking forward to future releases by this author.

My rating 4 1/2 stars

Thank you Barbara! Read the review and comments.


Judy F said...

Great Review. I got my copy in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to start it.

Cheryl Brooks said...

Yay, Marie!!!! Feels good, doesn't it?

Marie Force said...

Thanks ladies, it does feel great! Judy, I'm glad you got your copy!!

Sheila Deeth said...

Wow! Great review!