Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Perfect Opening

I've finally got it, the perfect opening for what will be my 13th MS. Lucky 13? Who knows, but I've got one heck of an idea for the opening and the book itself. It's very exciting when an idea that's been percolating suddenly takes form and solidifies to the point where you feel ready to start writing it. This story I have in mind is based on something that actually happened in my town, but of course it will be a fictionalized version.

I'm not quite ready to write yet, however, because I'm revising yet another book and I want to finish that before I start something new. Life is chaotic enough without taking on too much on the writing "job."

This weekend is my RWA chapter's annual conference. This will be the third year in a row that I've been to the conference, and I'm looking forward to it. Being around other writers is always a shot in the arm, and getting away from home for a night is also just what I need right now. This will be the first time I've been able to sign a book at our Book Fair, so that's also a big thrill. However, it also means I have to stick it out to the bitter end at the conference. Oh well, it's worth it!

Sorry to be an infrequent blogger lately. Things have just been TOO busy!


donna said...

How does that work? Do you just carry that new story #13 in your head until you start writng it?
Do you jot down notes or get it on tape? RWA sounds fun. Where's it held? Is this all women? Are there any romance Writing Men?
Do you get a nice dinner and get all dressed up? What else happens? Have FUN!!!!!

Cheryl Brooks said...

I finally hit my stride with Hero last night. Good feeling.
Have fun at the conference

Judy F said...

have fun at RWA I hope to make it someday to a signing. Hey if you are ever in Ohio in June Lori FOster has an awesome event.

flchen1 said...

How exciting, Marie! Yay on the new idea!

Marie Force said...

Hi Ladies,
Thanks for all your great comments. Lucky book 13 is cruising along, and I'm loving it. So awesome to be back in the writing swing again.

The New England Chapter conference was great fun. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year now that I've been three times. Looking forward to Nationals in July.

Judi, I'd LOVE to go to Lori Foster's event. She's my "shelf mate"--Force comes right before Foster. Looking forward to getting back in the neighborhood with her in July when Love at First Flight is released.