Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If You Had Only Three Days...

Tonight at dinner, my daughter Emily mentioned a short story by Helen Keller that they read in school. In the story, Keller discussed what she would do if she could have the gift of sight for three days. Emily's teacher assigned them an essay in which they are to detail what they would do if they had only three days of sight left. Travel time and other reality-based restrictions are not a factor in this scenario (picture George Jetson-esque travel).

This is Emily's list:
1. Spend one day in Spain so she can see where she born, which is something we hope to do after she graduates from high school.
2. Spend one day with her entire family. (We were glad to make the cut—not a given in the teenage years.)
3. Spend the last day somewhere exotic. New Zealand was mentioned.

Here is Jake's list:
1. Spend one day with his entire family.
2. Get a three-day pass to the Boston Red Sox.

You can see that he's still somewhat math challenged even in 4th grade. We're working on that, but his sister did point out that he'd used up four days when he only has three. That led to some sibling bickering, and the conversation disintegrated from there.

Their debate did get me to thinking about what I'd do with those three days. Losing my eyesight is one of my greatest fears, and it's something I do think quite a lot about. I spend eight hours a day on the computer for work and then another three or four at night working on book stuff. That's a lot of hours, and I remember my grandmother always telling us to sit back from the TV so we didn't ruin our eyes. If I allow myself to imagine what she'd have to say about my love affair with my laptop. . . I guess only time will tell if I've shortened the life span of my eyes by subjecting them to so many hours a day of intense computer time. I have a feeling that if computers do turn out to be the enemy of the eyeball, I'll have a lot of good company at the home for the blind.

Well, anyway, about those three days. . .

Other than drink in the sight of my children so I'd remember every detail, I'd probably spend most of my three days reading everything and anything I could get my hands on. What would you do?


Cheryl Brooks said...

That's a tough one! Family and such are a given, but I think I'd like to see the ocean again, and spend the rest of my time in Italy....looking at Italian hunks.

donna said...

Spend a wonderful morning in bed with husband. Spend the day with my Grandkids rolling in a field of Flowers. Jumping in a pond and chasing Frogs and turtles.
Have good talk with my Son and Daughter. Laughing with my Mom and Dad.
Jumping a flight to either Scotland or Greece or Italy and join Cheryl with a glass of wine and watching gorgeous Scots, Greeks or Italians. You just need get a eyeful of Kilts, Sculptured Greeks or Italian Stallions to last a Lifetime.

Judy F said...

That is a tough one.

Spending time with my family esp my great niece she is 2 and a doll.

Travel some place warm with friends.


Marie Force said...

Hi Ladies,
Sounds like you rose to my challenge and came up with some good ideas of how to spend your three days. I thought it was a great assignment for 8th graders, and might help them to see how certain gifts in life can never be taken for granted. I was also pleased to hear that seeing Spain, where she was born, was at the top of Emily's list. I'm looking forward to taking her there in a few years so she can finally see where it all happened!

donna said...

What's a little of the back story of your Emily. She was born in Spain?

Marie Force said...

Hi Donna,
My husband, who was in the Navy, was stationed in Rota, Spain the first three years we were married, and Emily was born there three months before we moved in 1995. We've never been back but are planning to take her the summer she graduates from high school so she can see where she was born. She loves to tell people she was born in Spain, but it doesn't really mean anything to her. Can't wait to get back there for a return visit in a few years!

donna said...

My husband was also in the Navy before we were married. He visited many fabulous ports all over the world. I seen wonderful pictures.
That's so exciting that you lived in spain. And Emily was born there also. It will be a real adventure for her to visit Spain someday.
Thanks for telling me your story.

Marie Force said...

My pleasure, Donna! Thanks for your interest.