Sunday, December 7, 2008

Signing Books in Baltimore

Yesterday, I signed Line of Scrimmage in Baltimore with my friends Robin Kaye (Romeo Romeo) and Kendra Lee Castle (Call of the Highland Moon and Dark Highland Fire). It was great to see Robin again and to meet Kendra for the first time. Besides sharing a publisher, we are all represented by the lovely Kevan Lyon. After talking our faces off over lunch, we spent the afternoon at the Barnes & Noble at the Power Plant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

It was fun to be back in Baltimore, where we spent a lot of time when we lived in Maryland (from 95-98). I remember my now 13-year-old daughter fighting to get free of her stroller as we walked through the stores in the Inner Harbor. My next book, the one formerly known as Same Time Sunday (new name pending, stay tuned), is set in Baltimore. I love the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Little Italy. It's a great city, and Robin, our new BFF at the B&N there was super to us. Thank you Robin!

Here are a few photos:

Marie, Robin and Kendra

Robin's husband Stephen, the original Domestic God, who kept us in coffee during the signing.

With my friend and co-worker April Pardoe, who "loaned" me her former home in Baltimore to use as my hero's home in the book formerly known as Same Time Sunday. I'll post some photos of that fabulous place when the book comes out!


Cheryl Brooks said...

Looks like you all had a great time, and I'm sure you sold tons of books, just with your smiles!
Having a fan working in a B&N is a boon to any writer, and I'm sure you'll be selling books in that store--and others!--long after the signing.

Marie Force said...

Thanks Cheryl. Sales were kinda slow, but we definitely built some good will with a few potential readers and B&N staffers. Wish you could've been there, too!

Jessica said...

Hey Marie - it looks like you guys had a fun time in Baltimore! I'm so happy to see that things are going well...

Marie Force said...

Hi Jessica,
Nice to hear from you! It was a really fun day in Baltimore!!

flchen1 said...

How fun, Marie! Glad you had a chance to hang out together (and sign some books, of course!) :)

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Fedora! It was really fun to be with Robin and Kendra in one of my favorite cities--where I set book 2 (the one formerly known as Same Time Sunday, which is now being renamed).