Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Saved!

Up until recently, our house has been referred to as "Little House on the Prairie" by our smart-aleck friends. No play station, no Wii, no gadgets except for a karaoke machine and a couple of high-end computers. Big whoop for the kids. Last New Year's Day, Jake and I struck a deal: If he read every night (or close to it) until his October birthday, we'd get him a play station for his birthday. Well, he held up his end of the deal and so did we. He used his birthday money to take it even further: he bought a PSP, a hand-held game system. I joke that we haven't seen him since October. People tell me the obsession will wear off in time. Not seeing any sign of that thus far...

Since we've crossed the threshold into the 21st century, I decided to go all the way and get them a Wii from my dad this Christmas. Except, being totally ignorant in the way of most things electronic that aren't computers, I waited until yesterday (Dec. 22) to look for one. Last week, I was at a Game Stop in Massachusetts and saw the store was loaded with Wii boxes, except Jake was with me and I hadn't yet discussed this big idea with Cliff Claven, who's even more of a dinosaur on this subject than I am—and that's saying something. I held off on buying it last week because I figured they were fat with them and there'd be plenty left when I went out to make the buy. I've since learned that the boxes in Game Stop are only for show. They don't necessarily mean they have them in stock! I also figured the Wii has been out for a couple of years and people are probably over it by now. I said as much to the guy at Best Buy yesterday. He just smirked and said, "Yeah, not so much. Not over it."

I came home and called my dad. "We're screwed," I said, bummed mostly because I was loving the idea of him being the Christmas morning hero. My kids adore him, and the gift would be huge coming from him. He and I agreed that they were old enough at 13 and 10 to cope with an IOU especially since they're getting plenty of other loot.

Then, today, a miracle! My cousin Trisha calls about something totally unrelated and mentions that she bought a Wii today! WHERE? I cry. She tells me where she bought hers and then mentions that she's at Game Stop—the same one I visited yesterday only to be told there wasn't one in the entire state of Rhode Island. Guess what? They had ONE. BUY IT! I screamed. Laughing, she asked me to stop screaming in her ear.

The THING is in my house. She's been paid. Christmas is saved.

Note to self: next year plan ahead. Second note to self: hope the kids don't read the blog. They don't read the blog. Do they?

Merry Christmas one and all. Thanks for all your support this year, for your kind words about Line of Scrimmage, and your excitement about the still unnamed second book. I'll be back after Christmas.


Malena Lott said...

Ha! After I'd called for weeks to 8 different places only to be told no, no, no, my brother in law calls me from a Target and says, they have three here. So, yeah, he saved LAST christmas. And for Mother's Day I wanted Wii Fit and same kinda luck, which is to say none, until I went to SanFran RWA and they had tons at the Gamestop there! So there I got lugging the damn thing around the hotel, airports and on the planes back to Oklahoma, but boy were my kids stoked. Just don't ask if i work out on it.
Merry Christmas!

Marie Force said...

LOL on the Wii Fit Malena! I saw them everywhere during my Wii quest. Of course I skipped right over that because it doesn't look like much fun at all! HAHA!

Cheryl Brooks said...

I've had to go through that twice! The first time, Mike was with me when we asked and they actually had six in stock, but he's a big boy and didn't care if it was a surprise or not--he just wanted that Wii! The second time I called around and finally found one for Sam, arriving at the store just in time to get the last one. I'm so glad that neither of them wanted something hard to get this year because I don't feel up to it at all!

flchen1 said...

Wow, yay for you, Marie! And we've been looking for the WiiFit for ages but it's never in stock around here! Oh well! ;p Hope you're all enjoying it! We all just got whomped in bowling by yes, our three-year-old. How sad is that?! ;)

Marie Force said...

Hey Fedora,
Great to hear from you! My kids whomp me at everything! I saw the Wii Fit everywhere during my search for plain old Wii. Funny, huh? Keep looking. You'll find it! Enjoy the kids.

Marie Force said...

The Wii is the older kid version of the Tickle Me Elmo craze from years ago when mine were babies. I hate getting sucked into trying to find the "hot" thing, but I was glad I found it in time. An IOU wouldn't have been the same.