Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Round Up

If you want to know why it's so hard to make money as an author, read this. Uber agent Richard Curtis offers an outstanding summary of the issues that threaten the publishing industry, with a novel-worthy twist at the end. Three words all authors dread: reserve against returns. The more I learn the more I wonder if people would really set off on this journey if they truly knew how very difficult it can be. Thank goodness for the writing! The fun, the joy, the bliss!

Agent Rachelle Gardner offers up a list of 10 Ways to Be a Dream Client here.

It's raining for like the tenth straight day in Rhode Island. I used to think seasonal affective disorder was a myth. But now I'm buying in. Ten solid days of grayness and rain messes with your head—no matter how peppy you try to be. Try writing in the midst of that gloom... Blah!


Cheryl Brooks said...

As an author who recently saw all but $3.13 (which they wouldn't even write a check for) of the royalties on a book that did "well" according to my publisher go to Reserve Against Returns, I can attest to that frustration. Nope, not gonna make enough to retire on in this business. Good thing there are still sick people for me to take care of.
I think Richard is right about the increase in the area of electronic publishing. It would seem to be the only hope left to us.

Marie Force said...

Yes, Cheryl, it should be interesting to see what publishing looks like on the other side of the recession.