Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Had Good Intentions, Really I Did...

I was going to blog every day. I was going to find something, anything, from my usually mad cap life to share with my blog readers. Then I looked today and realized a whole month had gone by since I last blogged. How did that happen?? Life has a way of getting in the way of our good intentions, doesn't it?

So what have I been doing when I should've been blogging? Well, in October I did 10 radio shows to promote Line of Scrimmage, my brother turned 41 and my son turned 10—in the same week—I had an anniversary (no. 16), went to the New Jersey romance writer's conference, and tried to help my dad get his boat to its winter home up the bay. Suffice to say the boat adventure turned into an epic family cluster, but the boat did make it safely home...eventually. Oh yeah, I worked full time, ran two kids around, did my best to keep my house from turning into a Superfund site, and got back to writing somewhat regularly. Here's a post I did on the Casablanca Authors Blog about some of my recent adventures, complete with photos.

After my summer "off" from writing turned into a summer and most of an autumn, I was starting to worry that my writing bug had been cured. I'm still struggling more with this WIP than I ever have with any other, but I produced about 10,000 words this month, and we're entering the home stretch. To be honest, while I love these characters so much, I'm ready to be done with this book. It's really made me work for it. Every word. I've got an idea for a single-title contemporary that I really want to get going on, but I refuse to start one book until I finish the one that's killing me. :-) I hope the end result will be worth all the effort!

I promise to try harder to be a more regular blogger. I'll make it my November resolution!


flchen1 said...

No worries, Marie! Thanks for the update, and just take care of yourself! A blog is icing :)

Marie Force said...

Thanks Fedora! I appreciate that you still come back with nothing new for so long!! You are a faithful reader!