Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and a New Review

Happy Halloween to all the trick or treaters out there! Should be interesting this year to go out an hour later than usual, since the daylight savings time shift hasn't happened yet.

We got a lovely new review in today from Romance at Heart Magazine.

"Line of Scrimmage is a really great book, especially if you like an action packed romance. There are a lot of things going on in this book, a whole lot of feeling, and everyone agrees there is no romance without feeling. THe problem is the difficulty for Susannah to admit her own feelings, and her part in thier split, just as it is hard for Ryan to cop to his own feelings of neglect and sorrow at the way Susannah moved away from him after they lost their first child at birth. Now he has the fight of his life on hand, and somehow, he has to convince Susannah to look at her own feelings, and come back to him. Marie writes with a light touch, but the book grips you from beginning to end. Detail of life in the NFL must have been meticulously researched, and the plot is well thought out and nicely executed. Line of Scrimmage has a lot of surprises for the reader, and one can't put the book down once started. If you want a hot read for a cool fall night, then Marie's book, Line of Scrimmage, is a definite must buy. It is available from Buy Sourcebook's Casablanca Romances, and from Amazon, so get a copy and enjoy this tale of romance with a very happy ending that will assuredly please and appease all!"

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