Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FemmeFan.com Loves Line of Scrimmage!

Thank you to Ivette at FemmeFan.com, a site targeted toward sports-loving women, for this lovely review of Line of Scrimmage! I especially appreciate such kindness toward a Red Sox fan from a Yankee fan! :--)

First and foremost, this is not a football book filled with football-speak and x's and o's. This is a book every red-blooded woman will enjoy. Why, because, surprisingly, Line of Scrimmage is a love story. And what a love story, it sizzles.

This book contains some very is hot and erotic scenes. I must admit that I blushed several times during the recounting of the intimate love scenes and I definitely broke out in a sweat on a few occasions. It's a love story with the ingredients you want and expect in a love novel, sex, a beautiful athlete and a compassionate woman. If you happen to be a female who love sports, then that is simply a bonus.

I kick myself for waiting so long to read the book. But I made up for lost time as I sped through it in less than two days. This is the perfect book to wile away the hours by the pool. Warning, stay close to a source of water; you just might need to cool off occasionally!

Marie Force writes with humor, passion and compassion. She tells a story of strong characters who have to fight through the demands and celebrity of a professional athlete trying to win back his one true love. I think women will enjoy reading this book, whether they are baseball fans, football fans, or simply fans of good old fashioned love.

Read the complete review at http://www.femmefan.com/site/featuredarticles/2008/Sept08/BookReview_Line%20of%20Scrimmage_article0914.htm.


flchen1 said...

Ooh, that's a good one, Marie! And right on! She's right on all counts!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Fedora!! I was so excited to get such a nice review from someone who doesn't read romance very often!! Thanks for popping in.