Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

Last Friday night was, by far the best moment I've had yet as a writer. Our Sourcebooks Publisher Dominique Raccah and Editor Extraordinaire Deb Werksman treated us to a limo ride through the rolling hills of San Francisco and a yummy dinner at Vietnamese restaurant Ana Mandara. It was the first chance many of us had to meet each other after months of working together on our Casablanca Authors blog and supporting each other through the publication process. What a thrill to be in the company of these dynamic women!

Our chariot awaits...

In the limo with Cindy Munoz (w/a Loucinda McGary) and Judi Fennell, aka "The New Girl." Judi just sold a mermaid trilogy to Sourcebooks in June.

Once at the restaurant, Dominique and Deb offered up a toast to Sourcebooks Casablanca and their fabulous authors.

We'll drink to that!

Deb and Dominique graciously posed for photos with each of us.

Here's the whole gang. Back row (l-r) Michele Ann Young, Linda Wisdom, Dominique Raccah, Gail, Beth, Sharon Lathan, and our lovely publicist Danielle Jackson. Front row (l-r) Deb Werksman, Robin Kaye, Marie Force, Malena Lott, Judi Fennell and "Aunty Cindy" Loucinda McGary.

Back at the hotel, we hit the 39th Floor where they very smartly gave us our own room (read: PLAYPEN) behind a screen, away from their more civilized guests. (l-r) Robin, Marie, Judi and Cindy.

Malena, Robin, Marie and Judi. Note that Robin and I, fused at the hips, were unwilling to move to let others take photos. That was her idea, not mine...

And finally, here are Robin and I with her very own domestic god, Steven. I tried to find the faults. Really, ladies, I did. I gave it one hell of a try. But other than him chopping down her beloved tree, there were no chinks in the armor. He did, however, show up with a woman named Theresa who I was told was his "girlfriend." If you ask me, therein lies the scandal, but that could just be my overactive imagination at work.

While I was in San Fran, I had a funny lobby chat on Saturday with my New England Chapter mate Jessica Andersen, whose latest release, Nightkeepers, is on fire! She said something that really struck a chord with me when she was talking about how she has gotten better about taking the the time to celebrate EVERY moment along the writing journey—no matter how big or small. I've heard this advice before, of course, but after the Friday night, I had a whole new appreciation for it.

This was a very big moment for the Casa Authors, and I think we did it proud.


Judi Fennell said...

"New Girl" chiming in here! I'm soooo glad I sold before National and not after it; think of all the fun I would have missed.

What a great time and since I didn't have my camera, I'm loving all the pictures!

Casa-authors Rock!

Marie Force said...

You said, Judi! We were glad to have New Girl with us that night!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

GREAT photos Marie! Even if I am in some of them. URG! Couldn't you have at least photoshopped out a couple of my chins?!?!

Oh my yes, that limo and dinner and bar afterwards was a BLAST! I can not WAIT for DC next year!


Marie Force said...

LOL, Aunty! As I was posting the photos, I was thinking, I don't see all that chin action when I'm looking in the mirror, so why do THEY show up in photos?? :--))

Robin Kaye said...

Cindy, I'm totally there with you on the chin thing. I have more chins than a chinese phone book. Marie - great pics and please email mine to me. It was such a fun night and Stephen will probably never stop talking about it. He couldn't believe we'd just met that night.

Hugs....Robin :)