Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Big Thrill—Line of Scrimmage in Bookstores!

Here I am visiting Line of Scrimmage at my local Barnes & Noble!

We're in a very good neighborhood next to Lori Foster, one of my favorite authors.

As we were waiting to pull into the partking lot, Rod Stewart's "You're In My Heart" came on the radio—Ryan and Susannah's wedding song. Karma? I'd like to think so! Either way, it was pretty cool!


Jessica said...

This is so thrilling! I am glad you shared the pics (Nice picture of you, btw)...

Ashlyn Chase said...

Congratulations! Great picture of you, Marie!

And guess what? i just received my copy from Amazon today!!!! YAY!!!!

Marie Force said...

Hi Jessica and Ash!
You guys are too sweet to come by and comment. I was looking at that picture and saying, I might've taken five minutes to put on some eyeliner and lipstick--LOL! I was in such a RUSH to see it once my friend told me it was there.

So exciting to hear you got your copy from Amazon, Ash! I hope you enjoy it!!

Judi Fennell said...

one word: cool.

and the pic of you? Very nice. (you merit 2 words... LOL)

What an awesome moment!

At Home Redesigns said...

That is wild! I love this!

pam said...


What a thrill to see your book in the store. I can only imagine!

Am looking forward to the read as well.

:) Pam

Sharon Lathan said...

This is uber-fantastic! I am THRILLED for you! I will be calling my local bookstore first thing in the am! Yeah Baby! Way to go. *hugs*

Marie Force said...

Judi, Mary, Pam and Sharon,
Thanks so much for checking out the photos. It was a banner day for sure! My husband wanted to be there with me the first time I saw it in the store, so he came over from his office and met us there. The kids thought it was pretty cool and then asked if they could buy something--LOL! Just another day for them, but one I will certainly never forget!
Sharon, make sure you turn all those books face out in California (evil grin)

Sindee said...

Uber cool! Congrats!

Lori Foster said...

LOL. Very fun blog. Nice photo of you! :-)
Congratulations on the book release. Here's to years of stellar success!



Anonymous said...

How incredibly exciting for you, Marie. Savor the thrill, and the many others yet to come!

Marie Force said...

Oh WOW, Lori Foster--as in THE LORI FOSTER--came by my blog! I am not worthy!

Thanks for stopping in, Lori. I am so thrilled to be your bookstore neighbor. It was great to chat with you today, and I will look for you next to me at the RWA signing next July!

Marie Force said...

Hi Deb,
Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your good wishes, and please come back to visit again soon!!

Lori Foster said...

Marie, you're too funny. :-)
Yes, I hope to make the next RWA. We probably will be sitting by each other. Fun! Visiting with online friends and authors is my favorite part of the convention.