Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex in the City

Did you see the movie this weekend? As a huge fan of the show, it was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. I wouldn't have changed much about it. My friend Julie put it best—"I could've done without the Steve and Miranda 'reach around' scene." No kidding! Me too! He has never done it for me, though. Something about him is just too much, but she's my least favorite of the girls, so that's probably why I don't like him. However, I thought she looked fabulous in the movie.

Oprah told Sarah Jessica Parker that she had done some of her best acting in the movie. I agree. I also loved the emergence of Charlotte's character as someone to be reckoned with but not at the expense of her essential Charlotte-ness. During the Oprah interview, SJP said they had trouble securing financing for the movie because it was produced by a women and starred four women. Apparently, women aren't a good risk in Hollywood. We can only hope that this weekend served as a big wake-up call to the powers that be in the movie business: if you build it for us, we will come—in droves, to the tune of nearly $56 million—enough to knock Indiana Jones out of first place.

My favorite part? The writing, of course! Witty, sentimental, sexy, sweet, ironic... Something for every taste. Worth the four-year wait? You bet. Carrie, Mr. Big, a closet... Sigh. Who could ask for anything more? What did you think?


Julie said...

Looks like a sequel is in the works! I can't imagine what is to come for the girls in four years. Menopause for Samantha? The tween years for Charlotte's little lady. Miranda and Steve finally make it back to Manhattan. And Carrie and Big struggle with being a legitimate couple? When the ups and downs and drama is all resolved - what's left?

Time will tell - and you know I'll be one of the first in line if the sequel does come.

Enjoy your summer off Boom Boom!

Marie Force said...

I wonder if Big will be into having an over-40 baby with our girl Carrie. I hope it goes on and on! I will NEVER get enough of them!!