Friday, June 13, 2008

Embracing Thirteen

Happy Friday the 13th!

It's a big day around here. Tonight, we'll host our daughter Emily's 13th birthday party, and I'm proud to say that having it on Friday the 13th was actually MY idea. This is a big step forward for someone who avoids the number 13 like the plague. I wouldn't dream, for instance, of staying on the 13th floor of a hotel and have been known to choose another flight when the original flight number added up to 13. I almost scheduled my launch party for "Line of Scrimmage" on Sept. 13, but I dodged that bullet by moving it to the 12th. Hey, I'm Irish, what can I say?

But this year, as I face down my 13th annual meeting with AGA and as my oldest child turns 13, there's no avoiding the dreaded number. So, I figured, if I can't beat 'em, I'll join 'em. Pray for me around 7 p.m. eastern time tonight when 35 of Emily's closest friends, including—for the first time—BOYS, will invade my house.

Despite all this zen-like acceptance of the dreaded number, disturbing signs have been appearing that I might be tempting fate with this new philosophy. I went downstairs to my office today and leaning against the house right outside my window was a ladder that Cliff Claven left there last night. As if I don't have ENOUGH to worry about today! I'm spending my work day under a freaking ladder! On top of that, my "good luck" bamboo that a friend gave me when we were leaving Jacksonville almost six years ago picked THIS week to kick the bucket. If I really wanted to show you how truly crazy I am, I'd give you the mental list of things I've decided could go wrong at the Friday the 13th birthday party. Suffice to say, a call to the loony bin might be in order.

Another event happening tonight is graduation at our local high school, located conveniently three doors up the hill from our house. Imagine graduating from high school on Friday the 13th—as if life's not tough enough! Every year I watch the tent go up at the high school and calculate how many more years until Emily graduates. Five years from tonight, she'll walk the stage as part of, you guessed it, the Class of 2013.

Let's hear it for THIRTEEN!


At Home Redesigns said...

Happy 13th to Emily!

And to Marie: Good luck. Really.

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Mary. I will need it. I picture myself bound and gagged in a closet. LOL

Brian Randleman said...

Don't forget about other numbers that you dislike too. I know that you and Liz (Em's godmother) bought slaw on her christening day. When the total came to the devlish total of $6.66, you both quickly said, "Add some more!"

Happy bday to Emily Jane Force (riding a horse).

Luv, the Godfather
Brian "Belchface" Randleman, of
The Fighting Randlemans.

RH3 forever

Tom said...

Marie, You should have started the party at 7:13.


PS Will I get an email indicating a response to my post? :)

Marie Force said...

OMG, you are SO right! Liz and I were confronted by the devil in the form of chicken salad (not slaw--get it right!) on the day of Emily's baptism! I am an even BIGGER freak than I give myself credit for being. I'll never forget the expression on that guy's face when we told him to add some more to change the total. He was NOT happy with us. Liz and I peed our pants laughing (hard to imagine with the two of us, I know...) Thanks for swinging by the blog and don't you feel old to have your godchild turning 13???

Marie Force said...

My AGA boyfriend (AGABF)! You outed us! What will Cliff Claven say about this? I think he's had his suspicions for a decade or so anyway... LOL. I would have FREAKED out if I had woken up at 7:13. If you knew me like you CLAIM to know me, you'd know that nothing happens until that alarm goes off at 7:30 on school days and, um, not at all on nonschool days...

Look out, summer vacation is coming soon! Shut off those alarms, except of course, when I am hard at work for AGA! Have a great weekend!

Linda Wisdom said...

I have friends who won't leave the house on Friday the 13th. I had to go out today and breezed through everything.

I remember freaking out when my MySpace friends was at 666 and so glad when it went up!


Marie Force said...

Glad it's not just me, Linda! Read the comments to see that I have an issue with the triple sixes, too! So I guess your friends wouldn't have a 13th bday party for their 13-year-old today, right?

Tarot By Arwen said...

I love love LOVE Friday the 13th. Grin! They make me happy. Love this blog.

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Arwen!! You're embracing Friday the 13th--feel the power! Want to come to a birthday party tonight?



Cai said...

Marie, that's a "Golden Birthday" so there's no way it could be an unlucky day! ;) Unfortunately for my daughter, her "Golden Birthday" came on her First birthday, so she didn't get to celebrate the way some of her friends did as they got older.

Happy 13th to Emily on the 13th!

Marie Force said...

That first birthday is always spectacular, with the face plant into the cake, etc. I remember Emily in a white eyelet dress toting a giant red balloon at hers. Now she is having a black & white theme party with red accents (all her idea). Some elements of her 1st birthday are popping up 12 years later!

Julie said...

Wow... there is almost too much to comment on. So I'll stay on topic.

First up, happiest of birthdays to Emily. I hope she enjoys the movie and spin the bottle. Co-ed parties are no fun w/o it!

My best memory of Friday the 13th came a few years back. I planned a party on the 13th because I didn't want to celebrate the next day, February 14th. So several of my single friends and I enjoyed an evening of cheap champagne and Valentine's Day horror stories.

Marie Force said...

Love that, Julie. Perfect use of Friday the 13th!!