Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Galleys are Here!

Today I received the final proofs for "Line of Scrimmage." They landed with a thud on my front porch at about ten this morning. This is the final step in the publication process that involves me. I have just over a week to proof the galleys one last time and get them back to Chicago. 

When the box arrived this morning, I opened it, took a quick look at my inch-thick book in paginated format with crop marks and spreads (terms that have been part of my daily work life since long before I ever tried my hand at fiction writing). After that quick look, I put it down and went back to work. People talk about the discipline it takes to work at home. Today was a true test of that discipline, but it was a busy day at AGA and that comes first. The pages sat on my counter all day and all night. It's now 10:20 p.m., and I'm just now getting a chance to look at them. Been one of those days. 

I'm trying to take a moment at each step along this journey to enjoy the milestones, to savor the tasks I've heard working authors talk (and complain) about, and to anticipate the next step—in this case, holding the book in my hands sometime in August. The little book that could is about to come to fruition, and it's every bit as exciting as I thought it would be!

I'm off to have yet another visit with Ryan and Susannah, coming to a bookstore near you September 1!

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