Sunday, January 12, 2014

SURPRISE! A New Gansett Island Novella On Sale NOW!

SURPRISE!!!!! Wondering how I spent my Christmas vacation? Wonder no more! I spent it on Gansett Island, writing CHANCE FOR LOVE, a novella featuring our heartbroken billionaire, Jared James! CHANCE FOR LOVE is now LIVE for Kindle, Nook and Kobo, and coming at midnight to iBooks! I’m so excited to surprise readers with this new Gansett Island novella that’s been a top-secret, hush-hush project for the last couple of weeks. Keep in mind that a novella is much shorter than a regular book. This story is 25,000 words (vs. the usual 100,000 words or so that you normally get from me) and includes two special add ons: Will and Cameron’s first kiss in All You Need Is Love, out on Feb. 4, and the first-ever look at the cover of Fatal Jeopardy, which is out on March 24. 

Now, about CHANCE FOR LOVE….

Billionaire Jared James has everything a man could ever want except for the one thing money can’t buy…
After forty days holed up in his house on Gansett Island nursing a broken heart, Jared James decides enough is enough. Determined to snap out of the funk he slipped into after his girlfriend refused his marriage proposal, Jared organizes a party for the friends who’ve seen him through the worst of his heartache. Now if only he could stop thinking about the love of his life and how he will survive the rest of his days without her…

She was Elisabeth all her life until Jared made her his Lizzie…
Elisabeth “Lizzie” Sutter knows she has no business chasing Jared after she turned down his lovely, heartfelt marriage proposal in a moment of sheer panic. It didn’t take long for her to realize how foolish she’d been. Now all she can do is hope it’s not too late to set things right with the one man she can’t live without…

Author’s Note
We got to know Jared in Time for Love, when David and Daisy befriended David’s elusive landlord who’d come to the island seeking refuge after a bad breakup. We saw him again in Meant for Love, when he reconnected with Wharton classmate Jenny Wilks. Readers were eager to know more about the woman who’d broken Jared’s heart, and they wanted to know what I had in store for him. The more I thought about his story, the more I realized what I needed to do. I hope you’ll enjoy this brief visit with some Gansett Island friends as well as the introduction of a new couple.

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