Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's New and Exciting?

Where in the world has the last month gone? Let's see, what's new around here? Well, I've been to Orlando twice this summer. Once for my company's annual conference at the World Center Marriott and then back again 10 days later for RWA's annual conference at the Swan and Dolphin. After being at the World Center, the S&D didn't do it for me. And it was hot. Damned HOT walking between the two hotels, which I didn't enjoy. The RWA conference, itself, was excellent and I was glad I went. I got to meet all the wonderful ladies behind the Carina Press effort and attended the Carina dinner followed by the Harlequin party. Held at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria, the party was everything I expected. Lots of fun! I danced until my feet ached and then danced some more.

I've finished the line edits to Fatal Justice, and last week, I received the wonderful news that my Fatal Series with Carina will be moving forward with book 3, Fatal Consequences. This is the first time I've sold on proposal, the first time I'll write to a deadline (Nov. 30) and the first time I've had the synopsis written ahead of the book. I've never been much of a plotter, but after writing Fatal Justice (book 2 in the series) I realized I needed to do some sort of outline because the police procedurals require far too much brain power to rely solely on memory and grit to get through them. So I'm looking forward to experiencing the writing process from this perspective. I don't expect I'll change my routine for the straight contemporaries, but for the romantic suspense books, the plotting might turn out to be my salvation! I'll keep you posted!

On the home front, we've had a wonderful summer of great weather, lots of time on my dad's boat, long days at the beach and fun times with friends. Jake has finished sailing camp for another summer. He so loves that and will begin counting down to it beginning in April next year. Emily nannied for one of my cousins, who has six- and three-year-old boys whom she loved spending time with. So everyone has been busy and content, which makes my work-at-home life so much easier than it used to be when I used to hear "I'm bored" 50 times a day! Life is good!

One other bit of news: I'll be giving away a new Kindle if I can get my fan page up to 5,000 by Sept. 30. To enter, stop by the page, "like" me, and tell me why you'd like to win: We've got a LONG way to go to get to 5,000, so do me a favor and tell your friends!

So what've you been up to this summer?


Mary G said...

What a nice, good news post. Sounds like it's been a great summer for everyone. I read alot, played a lot of tennis & watched a lot of tennis. The playing has been sometimes not so fun, with the heat & humidity we've been having but I just think of my shower when It's done & it gets me through.

Congrats on the book deals. I loved FA & I'm sure the rest will be as amazing.

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Mary! Your tennis adventures sound so fun. I can't imagine playing in the heat, though. Thanks for the kind words about Fatal Affair. I hope you enjoy FJ and FC just as much!

Judy F said...

congrats on the books.

Sounds like you and your family have been busy.