Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Great Review for Fatal Affair!

From My Thoughts, Your Thoughts:

I loved this book! I read this book in nearly one sitting because from the first page, I couldn't wait to figure out who the killer was and whether Nick and Sam would be able to make it work.

First, the characters are great. Nick and Sam have a bit of a history, but not enough for either of them to know each other well. Yet, they have both held a little torch for the other and have followed each other's careers. I like that Sam has work issues to overcome. It makes her effort in the Senator's case more believable. It also creates tension that leads the reader in different directions on the path to finding the killer. Then there's Nick. Without much family, he's adopted the late Senator's family, and they have claimed him. He's come from nothing and made something of himself that makes his adopted family proud. He's handsome, done well for himself, and 100% infatuated with Sam!

The story itself takes a couple twists and turns that really kept me wondering all throughout the book. Was Sam going to make it to the trial? Was the brother the killer? Will Sam be fired for her involvement with a material witness? Sometimes, the twists become too much and there are too many story lines, but not here! It worked for the book, let us get to know the characters, and still gave a great ending without my being able to predict it until it was upon me. That, is what makes a great suspense!

This is the first of a series, and I'm can't wait to read the next one. I excited to see how Sam does with her promotion, whether or not Nick accepts one hell of an offer, and how they work both of those things out within their fledgling relationship. All that said, this was a funtabulous read, and I'm anxiously awaiting for Fatal Justice!

Read the full review. Thanks Becky!

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