Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV Update

So who is watching The Bachelor this season? Any thoughts on last night's ratings-grabbing "scandal" in which early front-runner Roz was sent packing thanks to an "inappropriate relationship" with a producer who was subsequently fired? Phew. Did you get all that? I dunno, it's only week 2 and I'm already bored. Jake just doesn't do a thing for me with his big Ken doll smile, his sunglasses tucked into the back of his shirt collar and his whole goody two shoes persona. He's just TOO good to be true. Apparently, he's been on a lot of first dates. I can see why. He's boring. Sure, he's good looking, but he's BORING.

Lots of good stuff to read about this season on the blogosphere:


Lincee Ray's hilarious recaps on I Hate Green Beans

And Chris Harrison's blog on Entertainment Weekly

Did you catch Brother's & Sisters on Sunday? The last five minutes was some of the best TV I've seen in a LONG time. You've had 48 hours so (SPOILER ALERT) I will say this: Watching Nora out Simon for being the skunk that he is was fabulous. Watching Sol jump out of the closet and Nora refer to him as her Bond girl was the funniest freaking thing I've seen in ages. Emily and I watched it twice and laughed just as hard the second time. Hilarious! Like I said last week, when B&S is firing on all cylinders, there's nothing more fun to watch.

Speaking of fun, Castle was also fabulous last night. FAB-U-LOUS. A long-lost love from Rick's past resurfaced, finally giving him a love interest, albeit for that one episode. However, having Alyssa Milano around seemed to make Beckett a little jealous, which was fun to watch, too. Next week's episode looks amazing with our dynamic duo on the path of the person who murdered Beckett's mother. If you're not watching this show, you're missing out!!

Anyone know when Friday Night Lights comes back to NBC? I am so ready.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention today's news that Conan O'Brien is refusing to tamper with the tried and true formula of The Tonight Show. I gotta say I agree with his thoughtful statement, which you can find here. While he rightfully acknowledges other people have bigger problems than his, NBC finds itself in a mess and he's looking to be their scapegoat. Maybe Jay should just retire or take his show elsewhere. You just got to wonder why anyone bother to sign a contract anymore. Conan moved his family from NY to LA. Because he had a contract. What do you think? Shouldn't that count for something? On another note, remember when NBC actually had good shows? Ahh, those were the days!

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