Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy Hell I've Been Hacked

You read that right, my website is under attack! I've cleaned up the junk and gotten to know my "cpanel" better than I ever imagined I would. I spend most of my awake hours attached to a computer, but that doesn't mean I know a damned thing about how any of it actually works. Let me tell you, I've had to figure it out in the last couple of weeks. One of my readers in Australia emailed to say she couldn't get my website to open. Huh? So I checked it out and low and behold, HACKED! I've cleaned it up three times now. Grrrr!

I have to wonder, who are these people who have time to mess around with a lowly author's website? I also wonder what these people could do if they used their powers for good rather than evil. They loaded my site with enough junk to tip off Google, and they affixed a "if you click on this site your computer will blow up" message to my site. That's a really friendly welcome mat to put out for readers, huh? Just what a newbie author wants when readers are actually seeking her out. The good news, if there is any, is that people are checking out my website and they're taking the time to let me know it's not working correctly. So, to all the good, genuinely nice people out there, I say thank you. To the evil hacker losers who spread their nasty viruses throughout the web, I say get a life.

Oh and dear friends at Google, could ya please do something about that hateful welcome mat you've got Velcroed to my website? Many thanks,
The lowly author


Sharon Lathan said...

How frightening, Marie! It all looks great from my end and did the other day. I am glad you got it fixed up. Any ideas on how to prevent it happening again? Firewalls or some sort of security measures? Scary stuff.

Marie Force said...

I have no idea, Sharon. They managed to breech the secure hosting environment I was in, so who knows how to keep them out? At least I know how to fix it now, but the bigger concern is getting rid of that message on Google.

diva donna said...

I've heard about problems on many blog sites in the last few days. Poor you.

Mary G said...

Hi Marie
I don't have the google issue because I have you as a favorite & I can come right here but if your
readers get the "Internet Explorer cannot display" message they just need to press refresh & there you are. I really really hate that there's a price for fame.

Marie Force said...

Thanks for the support Donna and Mary!

Cheryl Brooks said...

You're right about one thing, Marie. Whoever does this stuff really needs to find something better to do with their time.
But, hey, having someone in Australia give you the heads up is pretty darn cool... You're not lowly--You're an internationally known author!!!

Marie Force said...

Why yes, Cheryl, I do believe you are right! :-)