Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Up and Getting Going

I used to be a pretty decent runner. I could do three or four miles without too much trouble. But as life and work and kids happened, somewhere along the way I quit running. It's the only form of exercise that has ever truly worked for me, meaning it's the only thing that truly shaves off the pounds. Another thing that's kept me grounded is my writing career. Writing, editing, marketing and selling books is a time-consuming proposition. I've often thought that if I could only spend a quarter of the time I spend writing on the running trail, I'd be fit enough for my liking. So all these things have gotten in the way and doing something to change that dynamic has been on my mind for some time now.

My husband Dan is a huge runner, although he's on hiatus right now recovering from achilles tendonitis. He told me a while back about a program called Couch to 5K, which takes you from couch potato to 5K runner in eight weeks. It's an interesting concept that involves intervals of running and walking, increasing time and distance over the course of the program. I decided to give it a whirl. Best of all, my kids decided to do it with me. Yay! They are at the ages now (Emily is 14 and Jake is almost 11) where it's difficult to find things we can do together where everyone is having fun. We did the first workout today and it was so fun. There was lots of laughing, especially when Emily was running circles around me. She's such a show off! Jake did really well, and kept right up with us, surging far ahead of me during the running portions. And I heard lots of details about their school days that I might've missed if we hadn't taken that half hour to spend together.

We made a pinky promise to not tell Dan that we'd started the program because he's been a total NUDGE asking when are we going to do it and how are we going to do it and where are we going to do it. He's too needy. The pinky promise lasted until dinner when Emily blew it. And she thought Jake would blab on his way to baseball practice with Dan driving him. NOT! SHE was the weakest link! Now he's going to be all up in our grill wanting to know every detail!

So, we're off and running. I'll let you know how it goes! If you've been looking for a magic bullet, check out the link. Maybe we can all do it together!


Cheryl Brooks said...

I know what you mean about feeling sluggish. Seems like all I do is sit at a computer! I checked out the link and printed the schedule. Not sure my feet can take it, but I might give it a whirl! Good luck to you!

Marie Force said...

Oh boy, Cheryl! Come along with me for the ride! You can do it. Lots of good stretching first makes all the difference! I am feeling the muscles today, but it's a good feeling.

Emmanuelle said...

I know I should but getting all red-faced and sweaty doesn't appeal to me... at all !! lol
I'll probably do it someday because it's the healthy thing to do and I won't be 31 forever...unfortunatly ;-)
Good luck anyway, I'm 100% with you in spirit at least.

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Emmanuelle! You are right about not being 31 forever. 43 crept up on me along with the LBs. If not now, when? Loving that the kids are doing it with me. That makes it fun (and funny when they are running circles around me, the brats!)

Sheila Deeth said...

I need to run. I need a dog.

flchen1 said...

Aww, that's so cool! I am so not a runner! When the weather (and time) allow, I walk with the kids to and from school (it's maybe 10-12 minutes each way?), so that's the main exercise for us. My husband's started biking to work a couple days a week, but we don't all have bikes or know how to bike yet, so that isn't a family thing yet. Keep having fun with the going!

Marie Force said...

Sheila, since my darling little Consuela died in May, I haven't been out walking as much as usual. I miss my buddy. We're about to start looking for a new dog, so that will help the program!

Hi Fedora, 10-12 minutes is surely better than nothing! Keep on keeping on!

cherylserra said...

So happy you and your family are doing this! Pat and I - who are much older than you 30- and 40-year-olds - hiked out of the Grand Canyon's south rim a coupld days ago...that's 7 miles of trail and straight up a mile with 20+ pounds on our backs. We're pretty proud (and ouchy) but realize that the life we lead now (e.g. healthy) will forecast, to some degree, the life we have 20 years from now. Kudos to you and the kiddos...tell Dan to stay out of your biz til you're done. Hugs to all and again, congrats!! xo me

Marie Force said...

Hey Cher,
So funny--I was thinking of you today. WOW on the 7 mile hike out of the grand canyon! You're a stud muffin! I didn't tell the kids that my quads are killing me today. I can't give them--or Dan--any more ammo! It's bad enough they're running circles around me! Great to hear from you. Thanks for coming by the blog!!

Judy F said...

Congrats marie. I have been doing more (ok any) exercise for about a month now. Found some great dvd's I just love. Walking one is my favorite. I do feel much better after I have done them. Hopefully it will help me lose this weight.

Marie Force said...

Good for you, Judy! Every little bit helps.

The kids and I just did our third 20-minute workout this week. So far, so good. Well, good in the sense that I didn't drop dead! And they are proud of me!