Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Signing Fun and Guiding Light

Thank you to Merry Cutler at Annie's Book Stop in Sharon, Massachusetts for having me back to sign this past Saturday. Emily and I had a great time meeting new readers and old friends, including Janice Gould, who has single-handedly sold about twenty copies of Line of Scrimmage. She finally bought her copy of Love at First Flight at the signing, so now I'm biting my nails waiting to hear what she thinks! Here's a photo with Sherry Prescott, who had planned to buy just L@FF until Janice "convinced" her she HAD to buy LOS, too! With fans like that, who needs marketing?

Did you see the piece on 60 Minutes last night about the end of Guiding Light's 70-year run on CBS? This coming Friday the show will go dark after more than 15,700 episodes and 4,000 more radio shows. It's the longest running show on television and it played a HUGE role in my life as a teenager. What tried and true Guiding Light fan could forget Phillip, Beth, Mindy and Rick going to the prom in 1983? Or that Phillip and Beth's song was "Truly" by Lionel Richie? Who can forget the incredible character of Reva Shane, played by the peerless Kim Zimmer? Reva's love story with Josh Lewis was full of sigh-worthy moments that stayed with me years after I stopped watching the show. I'll never forget the evil Alan Spaulding, the delightful Lillian Raines, the scrappy Harley Cooper, the dependable Frank Cooper, the Bauers, Springfield itself...

My mother didn't want me watching the soaps when I was a young teenager, so I lived for Mondays—the day she bowled and I could gorge on Guiding Light in peace. However, she'd get home like clockwork at 3:50 p.m., meaning I missed the all-important last five minutes! (Good thing she never thought to check the heat coming from the TV!) I had to call a friend to find out what happened. Even watching once a week, I found I could keep up aided by the occasional flip through Soap Opera Digest in the drug store to fill in the missing blanks. In thinking about my mother forbidding me to watch, it occurred to me that I was allowed to watch Dallas and Falcon Crest. How funny is that? They were much worse than Guiding Light! My love of the soap probably played no small role in my later career as a romance writer!

Did you ever watch Guiding Light or any of the soaps? Are there characters you've never forgotten?


Sheila Deeth said...

Ah, I have to confess I was never a soap-watcher. When my kids were small a group of us mums would meet, but I'd be the one on the floor with the Playmobil while the other mums watched Neighbors.

Emmanuelle said...

HI Marie,
just found your blog !!
No guiding light here in France but we do have The young and the Restless (by far the most popular). My mother in law is addicted. DOn't ever tell her Victor and Nikki aren't real people ;-)

Marie Force said...

Hi Sheila,
Your time was better spent on the floor with your kids than watching soaps!

Hi Emmanuelle,
Thanks for finding my blog!! Nice to see you here. Lots of Y&R fans here, too. I think it's still the most popular soap. Victor and Nikki aren't real people? I hadn't heard that! :-)

Cheryl Brooks said...

The only soap I ever watched was Dark Shadows. You'd think I'd be writing about ghosts and vampires as as result, but I'm not. Go figure...

Judy F said...

I was a huge Guidinng light Fan until a few years ago. Just not enough time.

my mom got me hooked on it. I remember foundly the Bauer BBQ's.

Harley and Mallett.

Very good memories.

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