Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Musings

Let's see... What's going on? Well...

1. I've been working on some revisions that are going really well. I love the way my agent's suggestions have breathed new life into my first and most favorite book. Yay, Kevan! I'm really looking forward to seeing what she thinks of this new version.

2. The reading frenzy from vacation continues. Last night I devoured the Blaze book "Hard Wired" by Jennifer Labrecque. I loved it and highly recommend it.

3. My daughter is finishing up her middle school years by playing Frenchie in "Grease," so I'm living with her Brooklyn accent and pink wig. My son begins baseball season this week with his first game rained out as usual. I think that's the fifth straight year he's been rained out on opening day. Poor guy!

4. My 17-year-old Wonder Dog Consuela has suddenly stopped eating. How do you spell D-E-N-I-A-L? It's unbearable to see her getting so skinny. Planning to call the vet today, but I worry they will say this is end-of-life stuff, and I sooooo don't want to hear that.

5. I'm speaking at career day at the middle school in early May. Last year I split the talk about 50-50 between the day job and the book writing. The kids were fascinated by the book writing, so I guess I will focus a little more time on that this year. I also have actual books I can show them this time around, so that will make it more fun for all of us. I'm scandalized to hear that many of Emily's friends have read Line of Scrimmage. I guess that makes me the Judy Blume of the new generation--at least locally. Oy! Emily hasn't read it, and that is JUST fine with me! I know it's only a matter of time, however...

6. Finally, can we talk about American Idol? OMG, I sooooo love Adam Lambert. He's amazing. Every time he sings I get goose bumps. He HAS to win! I can't imagine him not winning. Adam, Danny, Kris and Allison are in a league all by themselves. They are so insanely talented it's not even funny. The other three (Lil, Matt and Anoop) are vulnerable. I used to really love Lil, but the judges are right about her lack of originality. All you have to do is watch Adam, Kris or Allison to see what they mean about what's missing in Lil. I hope America gets it right and that Simon doesn't regret using the judge's save on Matt, who I don't think was worth the save. What do you think?


Cheryl Brooks said...

Sounds like all is well except for the dog--and I can SO relate! I miss my Chewie!
Good luck on the book proposals!

donna said...

You're such a busy Mommy. Good Luck on the new book revisions.
I feel for you with your Dog.
I lost 2 cats ages 15 & 17 in Oct. 2007. I miss my Beep and Wulfie so much. I have a 20 yr. old cat Sheba who sleeps wrapped around my head still. Did you read or have you seen Marley and Me. I cried buckets.
I am a addicted Idol Fan. And I've loved Adam Lambert(Young Elvis) from the first time he opened his mouth.
I like Danny and Kris to be with him at the end. Allison and Matt are good. But for some reason Allison doesn't click with the fans. I have tickets to see David Cook in July.
Right after I see the awesome IL Divo.
Whom I adore. I've seen them 3 times already.

flchen1 said...

Wow, you've got lots going on, Marie! Hugs to you and Consuela! Take care, and keep us posted!

Judy F said...

you are one busy woman.

Sorry about your dog. I miss my cat Dusty and its been 3yrs now.

Marie Force said...

Hi gals!
Thanks for all the love for me and my Consuela. They think she might have cancer. Sigh... We're giving her some meds to make her comfie and feeding her lots of her favorite people food, so hopefully we'll get some more time with her. I don't want to make the mistake of waiting too long like we did when Roscoe was sick. I was in the waiting room of the vet while they did blood work and x-rays today trying not to bawl my head off.

Anyway, Donna, I did see Marley and I cried buckets. That scene where John takes Marley out to the field and says, "You'll tell me when it's time, right boy?" That did me in. I'm waiting for Consuela to tell me. I'm watching for that. Not seeing it quite yet. I'm sorry for all of you who still miss your babies.

As for Idol, I so agree, Donna. I love Adam. I'd love to see David Cook. I adored him, too.

donna said...

So Sorry Marie,
Consuela will let you know. Enjoy the time you have.
My Cat Beep was the funniest Cat. She had a very different personality. She had belonged to our Daughter. When we first got her she was very small with big ears. She was very nervous at first and farted all the time. And when she first went into heat. She made this Beeping sound. That's how she got the name "Beep". She was a white Cat with a Tiger Tail. And she liked to be spanked with newspaper. She loved to be spanked. She was so kinky. She did naughty things just to be spanked. She'd go out in the yard only with us. She Stalked Moths. Ate Moths. Nothing else outside. She'd steal strings off sweatshirts or windbreakers. She had a stash of them. She would pull the strings thru-out the house at all hours of the day or night. And Yeow-Yeow while she was doing it. She always made sure the strings were perfectly straight in a perfect line. She would play with any toy we gave her, watch TV for hours. But the strings were her favorite play things. So when she got sick we knew. The strings stayed in her box. She didn't care about playing. She just was thristy and hungry all the time. She started losing weight and eating like a horse. She went from 8 lbs to 3 lbs. rapidly. I was giving her medicine and confined her to the downstairs bathroom. She was sleepy and weak. On her last Saturday, I was bringing her upstairs to eat with the rest of the cats. I set her down so she could walk to her dish. Her legs gave out. She couldn't walk.
So I picked her up. And held her and told her it was ok. She'd been the best cat and its ok, she could leave us now. I needed to go to a WW class. I told her if she could wait a little longer. Until I got home. It would be nice. She waited. I returned home. I carried her outside to the sunny yard to her favorite places. To listen to the birds. Watch a Squirrel. I let her doze a few mintues in the sun. I brought her back in the house. I put her in her box. I was making food in a Crockpot. I looked down at her by my feet. She shivered once. She passed on then to Kitty heaven very peacefully. My other 2cats came over. They licked her on the nose and laid down next to her box. I wrapped her in Daddy's big flannel shirt and waited until the family got home for our little funeral. RG had made her a Pine Box already. She's buried in her favorite bird watching spot with her strings and blanket. Yesterday, we put up a big sandbox there for our granddaughter. Beep would love that Sandbox.

Marie Force said...

That is so lovely, Donna. You made me all weepy. Thank you for sharing your memories of Beep. I love that you buried her with her strings. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to my very best pal, who saved me from myself when I was soooo homesick in Spain after marrying a Navy guy. Once she came to live with us, everything was better. I will miss her always once she is gone. My favorite thing about her was how she'd jump into my arms when I patted my chest. From across the room she'd come running and leap right up, always knowing that I'd catch her. There was this guy in Spain who used to rub me the wrong way. He'd pat his chest and she'd walk right by with her nose in the air, saying "AS IF." Fabulous dog. The best ever.