Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Reading Frenzy

I read "All of Me," by Lori Wilde, which was the final installment in a four-part series about women who wish on an ancient wedding veil and then find true love. The book was cute, and I liked the couple, Jillian and Tucker, who find themselves shacking up together in a house they both think they own. I've certainly seen that premise before, but I liked that Tucker was a grieving widower and that Jillian turns out to be just the right one for him. What I didn't like from a book I thought was a straight contemporary was the touch of paranormal that caused both of them to see each other in a sexually charged dream before they met in person. I was also disappointed by how long it took Tucker and Jillian to give into the attraction that simmered between them from the minute they met, and after all that build up, we only got one love scene.

That said, I did like the small town setting and the subplot surrounding Tucker's sister and her efforts to have a baby with her husband. Three books precede this one in the Wedding Veil series. Not sure if I'll check out the others after reading this one. I really liked Lori's recent Blaze, The Right Stuff. It was excellent!

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