Thursday, February 19, 2009

A "Pinch Me" Week

FedEx started the ball rolling on Monday by delivering two packages, both from my publisher. One included Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of Love at First Flight. The other contained the galley proofs, which show the final layout of the book. This is the last time the author sees the book before it's in print. GULP. As for receiving the ARCs, I have to say it was so exciting to see LaFF as a real book for the first time (even if it's not the final, final version), just as much as it was with Line of Scrimmage. Check out my recent post on the Casablanca Authors site about how I broke some of the romance "rules" with Love at First Flight. I'm really excited (and nervous) to see what reviewers will think of this one. We did so well with LOS that I can only hope lightning will strike twice. Fingers crossed!

I'm about halfway through a first read of the galleys. I plan to read them twice because on the second run through the Line of Scrimmage galleys, I found a typo in the closing pages. As a professional copy editor, I live in mortal fear of missing the big mistake. In fact, I was SO afraid to even look at Line of Scrimmage after it was published for fear of what I might see. I told my friends, "If you see anything wrong with it, do NOT tell me!" (I never did hear of anything wrong with it. Not sure if that's because there was nothing wrong or people were afraid to tell me. Either way, ignorance is bliss.) But then my wise chapter mate Barbara Keiler (w/a Judith Arnold) told me to READ THAT BOOK. So I did and I only found some missing close quotes and a good morning that should've been a good afternoon. Not bad to say the book was 86,000 words. This one is 94,000. Again, I say GULP. The good news is that I love this book sooooooo much that reading the galleys is a treat. Let's hope it's still a treat the second time around!

This week I've also had lovely chats with my editor and agent. Then our very energetic Sourcebooks publicist Danielle weighed in with the amazing list of review sites she's targeted with ARCs of LaFF, hoping to generate some good buzz about the book. Editor, agent, publicist, galley proofs, ARCs... I feel like a real working author. Like I said, PINCH ME!

Recently, I've made a couple of new writing buddies by volunteering to critique manuscripts for unpublished folks. I have to say it's so great to work with people who are totally open to suggestions and who welcome honest feedback. I've also worked with a few who are less receptive, and that makes me sad for them knowing what's ahead. They may get lucky and sell their books but an editor is going to require significant changes and that can be difficult to handle. Two of my new friends are just hungry to learn everything they can, and I'm so excited to see how they will make out when they submit their work to agents. In addition, I've been judging a few contests, another thing I enjoy doing. It's a good thing I'm between books right now because by the time the day job is done and the kids are happy, there's not much time left in the day and it seems like I have a lot to do. I'm also supposed to be revising another MS, which I plan to get to right after I finish the galleys.

And, since I recently weaned myself off caffeine, I'm ready for bed most nights at eight o'clock lately! Horrors! That's my prime writing and TV watching time! Hopefully, I'll adjust soon to life without caffeine and be less exhausted than I've been for the last week or two. At least the heart palpitations that necessitated this unsavory development have let up, so I guess it was worth it. Zzzzzzzzz


flchen1 said...

Wow, that's terrific, Marie! How exciting for you! I'm SO looking forward to LaFF and the others to come!

(And to comment on your last post, how great and a tiny bit sad that you don't have to oversee the kids' valentines anymore! I was so glad that this year the kids could address their own--yay! A few more years of this, and then I imagine they'll be too old for it, too...)

Yay for you for kicking the caffeine habit, but yes, must head to bed soon! ;) Take care!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Here's a good, hard cyber-pinch from me! PINCH!!!!!!!
Congratulations and good luck!

Marie Force said...

Hey Fedora,
Thanks for stopping by, and I'm so glad you're excited about LaFF.

The caffeine famine is killing me! What a huge adjustment!

Nice to hear from you!

Marie Force said...

OUCH Cheryl, that HURT!!!!! LOL

Judy F said...

Awesome cover. thanks for clearing the books up for me. I am so looking forward to your next book.

I have cut myself down to one caffeine soda in the am. Though some days I have to have two.. LOL

Marie Force said...

Ouch, Judy, another caffeine commando. I accidentally drank a 20 oz Diet Coke at lunch yesterday, totally not even THINKING about what I was doing. I was awake half the night, as if I'd had a coffee at 9 pm. I guess i've already adjusted, somewhat, to life without caffeine.

Thanks for emailing to clarify the book titles and release dates. I can't wait to hear what you think of LaFF! Thanks for coming by the blog.

Anonymous said...


I had reviewed your book 'Line of Scrimmage' and loved it. (You even commented on review post)

This book sounds great. I'll be waiting for it to release. All the best!!!

Marie Force said...

Hi Violet,
Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you're looking forward to LaFF. If you want to email me offline at I'd be happy to add you to my mailing list for notification of news about the new book!