Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Is This Fair?

Just saw this on Yahoo News:

(HealthDay News) -- Past studies have suggested that caffeine might offer some protection from skin cancer, and new research may explain why.

"We have found what we believe to be the mechanism by which caffeine is associated with decreased skin cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Paul Nghiem, an associate professor of dermatology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

For the study, Nghiem's team looked at caffeine's effect on human skin cells in a laboratory that had been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They found that in cells damaged by UV rays, caffeine interrupted a protein called ATR-Chk1, causing the damaged cells to self-destruct.

"Caffeine has no effect on undamaged cells," Nghiem said.

So just as I finally kick my caffeine habit, I learn that it was helping to stave off skin cancer? I have rotten, crappy Irish skin and need all the help I can get managing the damage I did years ago when I thought baby oil was the same as sunscreen. I guess I can either contend with heart palpitations or protect my skin. Hell of a choice! Can I say for the record? I hate the 40s. Everything starts to go!

Sorry to be so sporadic with the blogs. When I'm not working, I've been face first in the proofs for Love at First Flight. Good times!!


Cheryl Brooks said...

Ha! If you think the 40's are bad, wait until you get into the 50's! I've already had two pre-cancerous lesions frozen off my face, and I'm sure there will be more. Guess I didn't drink enough caffeine as a kid, but now my tea (which has sustained me through many a long night in the ICU) has turned on my fifty-something heart!

Judy F said...

This is my last year of the 40's will be 49 next week, yikes...

I used to do the baby oil to, lordy we were young and stupid...

I heard that about the caffeine too.

We can't win..

Marie Force said...

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, Cheryl!! LOL! I've had five or six questionable moles removed already!

Judy, my brother always tanned and I burned to a crisp. I think I thought I could retrain my skin. I'm paying for it now. Not fair!

Judy F said...

Marie same for me except it was my sister. She got tan in a snap I had to really work at it.

Quit going to tanning beds after my dad showed us pictures of his mole that he had to have removed.

Marie Force said...

I never went to a tanning bed because I interviewed a dermatologist when I was a reporter and he put the fear of God in me about those things. I'm glad now that I never went tanning. My skin is bad enough thanks to regular sun!!

flchen1 said...

*sigh*... Life just isn't fair sometimes, is it? Oh well, at least we can keep eating dark chocolate, can't we? Please?

Marie Force said...

I wouldn't dream of taking chocolate away from you, Fedora!! :-)