Monday, July 21, 2008

Surreal Moments Along the Way

Last week, one of my Sourcebooks sisters, Loucinda McGary, whose book "The Wild Sight," will be out in October, hosted our lovely editor Deb Werksman on the Romance Bandits blog. As part of Deb's day on the blog, IOU copies of the Fall releases were offered.

The woman who won "Line of Scrimmage," Australian romance author Suzanne Brandyn, posted this note on her blog after winning the book:

"Oh, I won a novel on Romance Bandits, which was a pleasant surprise. The story, a contemporary (right up my alley) Line of Scrimmage by Marie Sullivan Force. The excerpt sounds fantastic. I think this will be another one of those sit/lie down and keep reading right until the very end, all in one sitting. Don't you just love books like that. You can find Marie's website here:"

I have a reader in Australia! Loucinda and I have had several chats about how surreal it is to realize that people we don't know will soon be reading our books. Just another fabulous--and surreal--moment on the journey. Watch for our books on September 1 (Line of Scrimmage) and October 1 (The Wild Sight).


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hello Marie,
I am indeed happy of my win. I can't wait to read your novel. I absolutely love the cover. I have been on Source Books website and found their covers very attractive. Here's to Line of Scrimmage. Oh, do I have to have a box of tissues handy whilst reading this. heheh
Take care,

Marie Force said...

Thanks for stopping by Suzanne. There are a few teary moments, so you might want to keep the tissues close by. You'll probably do some laughing, too. The character of Ryan get off some pretty funny one-liners if I do say so myself! LOL! Look forward to hearing what you think of the book. You're my first non-family or friend (people required to love my books) fan! And I love that you're plugged in from Down Under!

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Hey there Marie... well done on your debut novel!

Suzanne is a mentor of mine and so has directed her blog readers to your site!! I look forward to the read too - what a fabulous title (and the cover is easy on the eye too!!!)

Make that two Australian readers!


Marie Force said...

Oh my goodness! My Australian cup runneth over! Thank you to Suzanne for directing people to me and for your excitement about LOS! One month from now it will be out. Someone please PINCH ME!!!!