Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Hate the All-Star Break and Other Ramblings

I want baseball back! After just a few days without the Sox, I'm feeling twitchy. Nothing is right in my world without the boys of summer. I miss Manny and Pap, Tek and Big Papi. Bring back Euc and Pedroia and Jacoby. Enough with the time off and the well-deserved rest. We're back in first place—granted, just by half a game, but we'll take it. How am I supposed to get anything done when the best part of my evening routine is missing? I feel aimless without Don and Jerry, the New England Sports Network announcers who are more of a two-man comedy show than a play-by-play team. The season resumes tomorrow when the Sox play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Whew.... Back to business as usual. Enough already with the All-Star Break. I'm glad the AL won in case the Sox make it to the World Series again this year because we'll have home field advantage. But enough already with the vacation. Back to work, boys! Your fans have missed you!

In other news, my daughter will be 13 tomorrow. Nuff said.

My comical son Jake's latest funny line: "Dad, what year did Lance Armstrong walk on the moon?" I can't make this stuff up.

Forty-four days until "Line of Scrimmage's" launch date, but who's counting?

One week until I leave for AGA's annual conference in Atlanta. The conference is a month later than usual this year, which has thrown me all off. Of course RWA starts the day our conference ends, so I who HATE to fly am jetting right from Atlanta to San Francisco. That ought to be oodles of fun.... However, despite the trial of getting to my favorite city in the world, I can't wait to meet all the great friends I've made online in the last year as well as my new agent and my editor. I'll be away from home for 10 days, which is a long time to leave the kids. I've decided to enjoy the break as well the pain and suffering Cliff Clavin will endure as he takes on the kid duties. Last year, he didn't suffer nearly enough. Someone took the girl child away for four of the seven days I was gone and with her went the person who fights best with the boy child. That is not fair. So this year I added four additional days to my annual summer trek to get even. :) When I call and ask how things are going, he will tell me he's suffering terribly. This year, he might actually mean it.


Julie said...

Glad the Sox are back - just wish they'd managed to win one over the weekend.

Marie Force said...

I agree! Swept again! When we look back, the season is going to come down to getting swept repeatedly on the road!