Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Favorite McCarthy Book: Meant for Love, out Nov. 18!

Only 12 more days until MEANT FOR LOVE, Book 10 in the McCarthy Series, hits e-readers! I'm sooo excited for this book, which is now my personal favorite of the McCarthy series. Why? 

I've loved Jenny since we first met her in Book 6, and learned that she lost her fiancĂ© on 9/11. Her life since then has been a difficult journey that led her to Gansett Island and a job as the lighthouse keeper. I've found her to be an interesting character from the beginning, and I've enjoyed watching her become an essential part of the Gansett Island "family" of friends.

Her love interest, Alex Martinez, had a great career in Washington, DC, but had to come home help his brother Paul run their family business on Gansett and care for their mother, who has dementia. I loved writing Alex! He's gruff, rough around the edges and curses like a sailor, but there's a heart of gold underneath all that gruffness. Between the family demands and the business demands, he has a lot on his plate when he meets Jenny during a scorching heat wave on Gansett. The sparks fly between these two from the first minute they meet, all the way through to the Epilogue.

Both of these characters have lived through difficult times, and they take comfort from each other as their relationship goes from smolder to serious while the temperature rises on Gansett Island! I so hope you all enjoy reading Meant for Love as much as I loved writing it! I can't wait to hear what you think of Alex and Jenny!

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