Friday, June 1, 2012

Reader Mail

I mentioned yesterday that I'm the recipient of quite a lot of lovely reader mail. I spend an hour or two each evening (seven days a week) responding to the wonderful readers who take the time to write to me. This week, an interesting trend has emerged that made me want to write this blog. At least four or five times this week alone, readers have written some variation of "I'm not sure if Marie Force will see this, but. . ." or "I'm sure Marie doesn't answer her own mail, but. . . OR, "I can't believe you wrote back to me. . ." and "Is this really you?"

Let me assure you: I see every single message that lands in my in-box. I respond to each one personally. It is an honor and a privilege to receive emails from readers. It is also an honor and a privilege to answer each one personally. I have a part-time assistant coming onboard next week. Answering reader mail is NOT on her to-do list. :-) If you've ever written to me and NOT gotten a reply, it's because I didn't get your message. 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite reader emails from the last week. Each one of them, and so many others like them, make me feel so fortunate to be doing something I love and to be connecting with people who appreciate my books. There's no other thrill quite like that, so can you see why I'd never allow someone else to experience the thrill on my behalf? :-)

This one was from Stephanie:

I'm not even sure who reads this, but I first wanted to see if I could be added to the mailing list for information about the release of Season for Love? Thank you!

Second, I just wanted to shower some praise and gratitude on Ms. Force. This past Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I downloaded the 1st Gansett Island book after my mom recommended it to me. By Monday afternoon, I had read all 5 books and was praying that she would have the 6th one finished VERY quickly. I am an avid reader and am often embarrassed by how much I read and how engrossed I get into the books I read. Books become my life and characters become my friends. However, I am also very particular. I have little tolerance for poor writing, and it seems like I have pretty high expectations with regards to plot and characters. That being said- THIS SERIES WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Each story on it's own was wonderfully crafted with characters that I was drawn to and stories that I couldn't put down. I often see reviews for contemporary romance stories that say things like, "predictable plot" etc. Hello? Yes, the plot is usually somehow structured with a boy meets girl situation, resistance to falling in love from one or both sides, some conflict or problem that threatens to ruin things, and then a happily ever after. This is why I read love stories! When my own life sucks, I want to escape into my predicable dream world. For me, a great book/series/author/etc is one that can take that "predictable formula" and make a great story that I don't want to put down and that stays with me for quite sometime. These books completely did that! However, my undeniable favorite aspect was the continuous return to the characters that I loved so dearly. Even my most beloved series have minimal inclusion of characters from earlier books. With the my Gansett Island friends I am constantly getting to visit with them again. I. Love. It. There are so many characters and subplots and peek into everyone's lives that it should be too much- but it's not! It's perfect and I can't get enough. :-) Thank you so much for pouring out these characters, who have become so dear to me, and their heart warming stories. 

From Trista about the Treading Water Trilogy:
AMAZING!! I just finished the trilogy and am in tears! For one I'm so sad its over but it eneded beautifully:) Your work is some of my favorite reads! I needed something to read while waiting for the next book in the McCarthy series that I also LOVE! The first book of yours I read was The Fall and was hooked to your writing from then on! My sister and neighbor are both caught up in them now also! Cant wait to see what's next!
From another Stephanie:
I just finished reading the McCarthy of Gansett Island series. I could not put them down and I look forward to the next book in the series. Please keep me posted as to when the next books are set to be released.  Thanks for giving me an escape from my hectic life with my husband, job and three kidsJ

From Lisa:
I just had to drop you a line to tell you how much I loved the “Treading  Water Trilogy”! Oh my goodness, I cried so hard throughout the series.  I finish the 3 books in 2 days, because I couldn’t put them down.
You write such amazing characters and weave such wonderful stories.  I am forever a fan and look forward to each new book.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

From Teresa:
I am not sure if you will receive this but after finishing yet anther great bookof yours. I have read everything except all of the Fatal series (but give me time). I just finished the "Line of Scrimage" and have decided that you are officailly my favorite author ... I haven't had a favorite for a very long time. You have surpassed Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts. Every book I have read of yours I have fallen in love with the characters and the locations. I find my self waiting to see if the characters from one book will meet a character from another book that is not directly linked to it. I am waiting foe the next book to come out. You are very talented and wanted to say Thank You for sharing you talent with us. I am going to stop writing now. (I have never done this before, but felt I really wanted you to know how appreciated you talent is. 

From Virginia:
I was recently introduced to your books by reading your McCarthys of Gansett Island series and let me just say how much I love your books.  I read all five books in less then a two weeks time and  I am anxiously waiting to read Season for Love and even more anxious to read how you will unfold Tiffany and Blaine's love story.  Please tell me that you are going to write about Adam. He can't be the only brother to not fall in love.  Linda needs to have all her children partnered with the one they are meant to be with. In addition I wanted to add how I am really loving how all the women in these stories have come together to be friends.  I love even more that you continue to include the other characters from the previous stories which clearly defines the meaning of series.  

If possible, please include me in your mailing list as I plan to let my friends know about your books!! 

From Susan:
 I LOVE your Gansett Island Series! They make me feel they are all a part of my own family.  I laugh, cry, and love right along with these terrific couples! Wow there are so many places you can take the characters.  I love how you keep us updated on all our favorite couples as you move to the next story!  I love all the couples but I think Mac and Maddie have to be my very favorite with Janey and Joe being my close second. But who am I kidding, I love all the others that follow.  The very first book I read of yours was True North and I became an instant fan of yours!  I love your special talent and can't wait to read more.

From Roxanne:
Marie, I just wanted to let you know how much your series: Treading Water is still on my mind even after reading it about 3 weeks ago.  I've enjoyed Gansett Island. Look forward to more of the stories of both series. I'm already on your mailing list. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stories. Keep up the writing.  

From Lee Ann:
I would like to take a moment to say that being the proud owner of a Nook I just finished your Treading Water trilogy and they were the best books I have read in a long time. I read them all in less than 3 days. I would love to hear from you when you have anything new coming out as you have topped the list of my favorite author. Thanks for a great many hours of wonderful reading material.

From Susan:
Good afternoon. Hope you are having an amazing preSummer.  Just wanted to let you know I took your suggestion regarding the Treading Water Trilogy and you are so right, I did enjoy!  In fact, that was what I did most of the Memorial Day weekend.  Started Friday night and wrapped up Tuesday night.  Yes I did have to break for "family time" with my husband and daughter but sat up late at night because I couldn't put the stories down...Just had to know what was going to happen.  Jack/Andi/Clare story literally had me in tears...LOVE THEM...glad it worked out for all of them.  Enjoyed Clare's story (along with Kate'!).  But then loved the Brandon story and fell in love with Colin believe it not.  I did have my share of tear sessions with Brandon, especially the kidnapping portion.  But like I said with the Gansett Island series, you pull your fans right into the story as if we are there, experiencing their trials as well as their hard fought and well deserved accomplishments!  So now I'm starting the Fatal Series while I wait for Owen and Laura's book :)  Just wanted to touch base to let you know how much I enjoyed the Treading Water Trilogy!

No, I won't ask someone else to handle my mail for me. Why would I? Can you see why I feel so very blessed to have the nicest readers in the world? Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to write to me. Keep it coming. You make my day, each and every day!